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October 21, 1966

Opening match saw Chris Markoff destroy Prince Pullins. Markoff was getting a
mini-push at the time.

Mitsu Arakawa beat Luis Martinez with a karate chop to the throat.

The third match of the night saw a tag match with former champions Larry Hennig & Harley Race defeating Doug Gilbert and Chief Billy Red Cloud (Bill Wright). Red Cloud was making his Chicago debut.

The program from that night lists the matches as a triple main event. In the first one, Verne Gagne easily defeated The Big K with the sleeper hold.

Next was Wilbur Snyder against Killer Kowalski. This was the best match of the night as these two really went at it. It was announced before the match that the winner of this match would get a crack at the AWA title held by Mad Dog Vachon on the next card. The ref finally disqualified Kowalski and gave the match to Snyder.

Dick the Bruiser met The Alaskan in the final match and Bruiser won the bout while drawing blood from The Alaskan's forehead.

November 11, 1966

Another big crowd filed into the Amphitheatre for the 8:30 bell time and in the opener Chris Markoff beat Jose Betancourt with his corkscrew hold to the temple area of the head.

Pat O'Connor beat George Gadaski George Kosti.

Verne Gagne beat Assassin #1 with his sleeper hold and then Gagne unmasked the
badman and threw the mask into the crowd revealing Joe Tomasso. I remember that like it just happened yesterday because a friend of mine caught the mask and he still has it today.

Killer Kowalski used every dirty trick in the book to defeat Cowboy Jack Lanza, who would later become Blackjack Lanza.

The tag match was billed as a Number 1 contender match with the winning team getting a title match against Bruiser & Crusher at a later date. Larry Hennig & Harley Race beat The Big K and The Alaskan. In my scribbled notes on my program it says that the crowd was behind The Alaskan and The Big K in this battle of the heels.

Main Event for the AWA title. Mad Dog Vachon defending the belt against Wilbur Snyder in a best of three falls match. This match went back and forth with Snyder taking the first fall with his abdominal stretch and Vachon taking the second fall with his dreaded piledriver. They went at it for 24 minutes with Vachon finally taking the final fall while holding the trunks of Snyder. The Dog was still the champion!

December 16, 1966

Just nine days before Christmas so Bob Luce was promoting this one as his Christmas gift to the fans.

In the opener Doug Gilbert beat Igor Volkoff with a series of dropkicks.

The second match saw Reggie Parks beat Joe Tomasso, who wasn't wearing the Assassin mask for the first time in a long time this night with an airplane spin and a pin.

Cowboy Jack Lanza went to a twenty-minute draw with Chris Markoff. Just as the bell was ringing to signify that the time limit had expired, Lanza placed his bulldog headlock on Markoff.

Double Main Event - In a battle of true wrestling legends, Killer Kowalski defeated Verne Gagne on a DQ when Verne threw Killer over the top rope.

Main Event Two saw Larry Hennig & Harley Race receive their shot at Crusher & Bruiser for the AWA belt. The match was wild and wooly, with C & B getting DQed and holding onto their belts.


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