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35. Sweet Daddy Siki
36. Wilbur Snyder
37. Dickie Steinborn
38. Lou Thesz
39. Art Thomas
40. Johnny Valentine
41. Jimmy Valiant
42. Bearcat Wright
43. Dr. X (Dick Beyer)

I didn't get to see every one of these guys in person, but it is a very deserving list. The only glaring omission that I see right off hand is that of Mad Dog Vachon. He belongs. I may be missing others, but that's the only one I see as I write this article.

Wrestlers that I got to see enshrined were Ox Baker, Wilbur Snyder, Ray Stevens, Nick Bockwinkel, Art Thomas, Moose Cholak, Bob Ellis and Jimmy Valiant. All were great ceremonies.

Another exhibit was The Greatest Tag Teams. Here is the list according to Luce:

1. Bruiser & Crusher
2. Bastein Brothers (Red Bastein & Lou Klein)
3. Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan with Mgr. Wild Red Berry)
4. Blackjacks Mulligan & Lanza
5. Angelo Poffo & Bronko Lubich
6. Shire Brothers (Ray Stevens & Roy Shire)
7. Mitsu Arakawa & Kenji Shibuya
8. Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens
9. Guy Brunetti & Joe Tangaro
10. Chris and John Tolos
11. Jimmy & Jon Valiant
12. Boris & Nicoli Volkoff

After that, walk over to see The Special Referee Section. Those in it included:

Joe Louis
Jack Dempsey
Rocky Marciano
Jersey Joe Wolcott
Jim McMullen

Special Promoters Wing was made up of the following great promoters:

1. Wally Karbo
2. Fred Kohler
3. Tony Stecher
4. Toots Mondt
5. Cowboy Lutrall
6. Sam Muchnick
7. Bert Ruby
8. Paul Jones
9. Vince McMahon, Sr.
10. Lord Blears
11. Joe Dusek
12. Nick Gulas

Then Luce had another section that was made up of great matches that he had taken the action photos of. This was a pretty awesome display:

1. Bruiser vs. Larry Chene
2. Bruiser vs. Bob Ellis
3. Bruiser vs. Wilbur Snyder
4. Bruiser vs. Vern Gagne
5. Gorgeous George vs. Ed Carpentier
6. Sonny Myers vs. Ernie Dusek
7. Bruiser vs. Yukon Eric
8. Argentina Rocca vs. Ed Carpentier
9. Lou Thesz vs. Ed Carpentier
10. Vern Gagne vs. Ed Carpentier
11. Gorgeous George vs. Bruiser
12. Killer Kowalski vs. Ed Carpentier

Finally there was a Wrestling Announcer section that had these two gentlemen in:

1. Bob Elson
2. Sam Menacker

Two great selections for sure, but Luce could have also put in Jack Brickhouse, Marty O'Neill and Chuck Marlowe, longtime AWA and WWA announcers.

Awhile back I stated that the Hall was only missing Vachon. Let me correct myself and quickly add Bobby Heenan. There was an angle where Heenan kept telling Luce that he belonged in the HOF and Luce kept telling him to prove himself. I'm not sure if Heenan ever did get in but I think not.

Bobby Heenan was the most important of the heels in his era. Heenan bringing in his men to face Gagne, Crusher and Bruiser was what really brought the crowds in. Even when Heenan left Indy and the WWA area to go to the AWA, he would always manage WWA opponents of Bruiser for the night. Heenan managed Ox Baker one night in a big match against Bruiser and at Comiskey Park, Heenan was brought in to team with the Sheik against Bruiser & Bobo Brazil, even though Heenan was AWA then.

Those are the people listed and though you may argue with some that are in and some others that are not in, it is a great list. It is believed it was the only HOF for pro wrestling at its time.


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