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After Bruiser and Crusher had realized what had happened, they threw the new champs out of the ring and started their post-match ritual where they slugged each other five or six times much to the delight of the crowd. Hennig and Race were the new AWA tag champions.

The next card was scheduled for January 27 but a huge snowstorm caused the cancellation to the new date of February 2, 1967.

The main event was a brutal AWA title match between champion Mad Dog Vachon and challenger Killer Kowalski. The fans on this night were behind Kowalski as they wanted to see anyone take the title from the hated Algerian. I remember this match vividly as they were building it up as the battle of the villains. Sure enough, the two did not disappoint as they put on a clinic of

brutal wrestling tactics and the referee had no choice but to call it a double DQ.  The rest of the card was Verne Gagne stopping Reggie Parks in a scientific match, Mitsu Arakawa beat Doug Gilbert, Angelo Poffo and Chris Markoff, now known as The Devils Duo with Bobby Heenan as their manager defeated Wilbur Snyder and Cowboy Jack Lanza, The Alaskan over Prince  Pullins and Moose Cholak beat Joe Tomasso.

February 20, 1967

Guy Heenan beat Jose Betancourt in the opener. Guy Mitchell dyed his hair blond and became Bobby Heenan's brother as he took on the Heenan monicker. This may have been the beginning of rumors that persisted for years that Heenan and Mitchell were brothers. They are not. Mitsu Arakawa beat Reg Parks with some karate chops. At the time Arakawa was being built up as a monster heel that would soon be challenging for the AWA title.

Cowboy Jack Lanza drew with Golden Moose Cholak. A few months later these two would reverse roles with Lanza as a big heel and Moose finally going face full time.

Wilbur Snyder beat El Mongol with a sunset flip. El Mongol was old WWA guy The Mongol and not El Mongol of Georgia Wrestling fame.

AWA Title Match... Mad Dog Vachon beat Verne Gagne by DQ keeping his AWA title in the process.  The crowd was pro-Gagne and Verne gave The Dog a beating before getting DQ'ed. The Devils Duo, Poffo and Markoff had a wild donnybrook with Bruiser and Crusher as both teams got DQ'ed. Heenan got involved as usual and as usual Bruiser and Crusher bloodied him up. Luce came on TV the next day and announced that Crusher and Bruiser would get a title shot on the next card plus old favorites Lou Thesz, Pat O'Connor, Eddie Graham and Johnny Valentine would all be on the next card.

March 11, 1967

The crowd was a complete sellout and at intermission time Bob Luce, Sam Muchnick, Wally Karbo and Francis Fleser came to the ring as the announcer introduced them. Luce stated that the promoters were getting together to try to crown an undisputed world champion. Even the Wrestling Life program at the time was teasing that NWA champ Gene Kiniski would be entering the area soon to defend the NWA title. This never happened in Chicago but Gene may have defended the NWA strap in WWA land.

In the opener, Dory Funk, Sr. drew with Joe Blanchard.  Johnny Valentine beat Eddie Graham in what was probably the greatest second match on any card ever.  Killer Kowalski drew Reggie Parks. Lou Thesz beat Bob Geigel. This was Thesz's first  appearance in years and the fans greeted him warmly.  Verne Gagne beat Pat O'Connor in a scientific match that saw Gagne play subtle heel every once in awhile. Larry Hennig and Harley Race defended their titles against Bruiser and Crusher. As expected the match was out of control with the ref DQing both teams.


1967 continues with Ladd, Powers, Maynard and The Destroyer coming in.

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