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In a surprise result, Rene Goulet drew with Blackjack Lanza. The Destroyer was next up with a victory over Reggie Parks. In a rematch of a bout that was held a few months earlier, Wilbur Snyder put away with Johny "Powerlock" Powers with his abdominal stretch.

Main Event... The Bruiser and The Crusher defeated The Devils Duo, Poffo and Markoff, with Heenan at ringside.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1967

Just two weeks later another great card was held. In the opener Blackjack Lanza destroyed Al Kashey.  Dr. Moto (Tor Kamata) made his debut with a victory over Bob Boyer. Boyer would later become Bobby Bold Eagle in WWA land.

The Destroyer won again as he beat Rene Goulet. A great match between Johnny Valentine and Yukon Moose Cholak was next as Valentine won the match on a dq when Moose wouldn't release Valentine from the ropes.

Wilbur Snyder beat Angelo Poffo in the semi as Snyder used the stretch for the win. About 10 years earlier these two were drawing huge crowds throughout the Midwest as they feuded over the U.S. title.

Main Event...Larry Hennig and Harley Race beat The Crusher and The Bruiser in a wild one where the blood was flowing.

OCTOBER 21, 1967

Ramon Torres made his debut with a victory over The Assassin, Joe Tomasso.  Yukon Moose Cholak big splashed Bob Boyer. Blackjack Lanza beat Reggie Parks in a match where Lanza dominated easily. Rene Goulet beat Igor Volkoff. In a tag title match, Pat O'Connor and Wilbur Snder beat Larry Hennig and Harley Race via DQ.

Main Event... Verne Gagne beat The Destroyer in an AWA title match. This was a great match as The Destroyer was able to match Gagne hold for hold. Verne got the win with a series of dropkicks but the mask did not come off. This match is famous because after the bout it was reported later that Gagne talked to Beyer in the locker room and asked him to come to the AWA but not as The Destroyer. Sure enough, Beyer came in and became Dr.X!


Hennig & Race lose the title without Hennig in the match and Dr. X appears.

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