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Joe Scarpello showed what he could do by defeating Guy Mitchell in the third match. Mitchell was Guy Heenan just a few months before.

Pat O'Connor beat Johny Powers via DQ.

AWA Title Match saw Champions Mitsu Arakawa and Dr. Moto (Tor Kamata) defeat Cowboy Bill Watts and Rock Rogowski when Mitsu threw the dreaded salt in Rock's eyes for the third fall.

Main Event... In a match that was wilder than the previous one, Dr. X and Dick the Bruiser fought to a no contest. Before the match, it was announced that the winner would meet Vern Gagne for the belt on the next card. On TV the next day, Bob Luce said that it would be Dr. X getting the title match because Bruiser was going on a tour of Japan and wouldn't be able to be there.

January 27, 1968

The New Year was brought in with two popular faces, Paul Christy and Eddie Sharkey wrestling to a fifteen-minute draw.

Yukon Moose Cholak easily defeated Santiago Acosta with is famed "El Squasho".

The Mighty Igor beat Texas Bob Geigel with a bearhug.

Blackjack Lanza, with help from Bobby Heenan pinned Rock Rogowski.

Dr. Moto and Mitsu Arakawa beat former tag champions Wilbur Snyder & Pat O'Connor.

Main Event... Dr. X beat Verne Gagne on a DQ when Gagne wouldn't break a sleeper hold while X was in the ropes.


A Night with Heenan and a Day with Ox Baker and Paul Christy.

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