WWA-Indianapolis #24 Page #2

By September, Balk Estes had gone out of business, leaving Bruiser and Snyder the sole promoters in Indiana (other than Evansville) for 20 years until the WWF expansion in the early/mid 80’s, seeing groups like Jerry Jarrett, the AWA and WCW all trying to gain a foothold with no success. 

Bruiser and Snyder also expanded into Ft. Wayne , Louisville , Detroit , Chicago (which had opened in January), Elkhart , and all points in between. 

Championship Wrestling’s office was at the Claypool Hotel in downtown Indianapolis , Room 206, phone number ME6-1375, at that time the only major hotel in downtown Indy, which also doubled as a convention center, ticket agency and office building. It burned to the ground around 1968. Tickets could also be purchased at Bruiser’s Harem Lounge on 2208 North Meridian . 

The recently deceased Pepper Gomez big night in the WWA came on November 29th, 1975 , when he upended big Ox Baker in a no disqualification match, to end Ox’s year plus reign. Pepper had put Ox in a sleeper hold and was putting him under when Ox’s partner, Chuck (Big John Studd) O’Connor entered the ring and accidentally hit Baker with brass knuckles in a blow intended for Gomez. After knocking O’Connor out of the ring, it was a simple matter for Gomez to pin Baker. The rest of the card saw Bruiser and Crusher defeat the Legionnaires in a WWA title defense on a DQ, Moose Cholak stopped Rodeo Jones, Steve Regal top Mark Manson, Art Thomas over Jim Lancaster, Spike Huber beat Duke George, and Chuck O’Connor pin Paul Christy, all before 5,500 fans.

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