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Footage shown as Jake attacks Anthony during a squash match. One of the masked Kendos runs in only to be DDT'd by Jake. The other Kendo runs in and immediately attacks Jake and runs him off. It turns out that Jake DDT'd his own Kendo by mistake.

Both Jake and DWB trade interviews with Lance Russell about the mind games they’re playing on each other. This was Jake in some of the last good material he’s been involved in before crawling back into the bottle.


It was supposed to be Smothers in a squash match, but before the match could start, Jim Cornette comes out and rants about how this no-named Jobber has no business in the ring, and orders him as the leader of the union to go outside and join the Picket line. Cornette then challenges Smothers to fight Killer Kyle. Needless to say Smothers accepts.

A little stalling to begin as Kyle confers with Cornette. Then the action begins as Smothers goes down to a running shoulder block, but recovers to throw Kyle from the ring as he attempts another shoulder. More stalling as Kyle complains to the ref that Smothers used the tights to throw him. Another rope sequence sees a decent powerslam by Kyle. Kyle then distracts the ref while Cornette hits Smothers with the tennis raquet. Kyle then works Smothers over for a while. Smothers breaks out of a rear chin lock with the customary 3 elbows to the gut, rebounds off the ropes and executes a sunset flip on Kyle for a 13 count. Of course, the ref is being distracted by Cornette, and sees none of this. He returns just in time for Kyle to kick out. Kyle goes for a body slam, only to be caught in a small package by Smothers. But of course, the ref again misses the whole thing, because he’s once again distracted by Cornette. Kyle escapes after a 1 count and delivers a clothesline on Smothers for 2. More offense by Kyle, but he misses an elbow drop and then takes a right to the gut by Smothers. Smothers backs Kyle into the corner and stands on the second rope for the customary 10 baby face punches to the face. Kyle attempts a reverse atomic drop out of the corner, but misses it, ducks under a Smothers clothesline, and delivers one of his own. Kyle Irish whips Smothers and delivers one of the sorriest knees in existence. Smothers bless his heart, sells it anyway. Another Irish whip by Kyle who attempts another knee, but Smothers rolls through for the schoolboy pin. Bruiser Bedlam runs in for the customary post match assault, and helps Kyle and Cornette deliver a 3-on-1 beating. Scott & Steve Armstrong run in for the save, but so do Chris Candido and Brian Lee (who are feuding with Scott & Steve.) Bullet Bob Armstrong runs in and attacks Cornette and his Union, but suffers a triple team of his own and leaves the ring while the impromptu battle royal still rages on. Bob comes back with his baseball bat though and clears the ring of all the heels leaving Bob, Tracey, Scott, Steve and the Rock and Roll Express who had also joined the fight at some point.


Bob has just dubbed his crew "The People’s Union". Bob voluntarily steps down as SMW commissioner in order to wrestle again with his boys.


Jake asks the Dirty White Girl (who of course is the girlfriend of the Dirty White Boy) to come out so he can offer an apology. What’s that you ask? Apology for what?

See, last month at SMW’s Volunteer Slam 3 card, Jake and DWB had a match. At one point, Jake KO's the ref, and uses his wrist tape to tie DWB to the ropes. Dirty White Girl comes out to untie him, but Jake grabs her and dangles her in front of a helpless DWB. Jake backs off momentarily, then turns DWG around and lays her out with the DDT! She was then stretchered out of the arena and driven away in an ambulance.

Now that you have the backstory, let’s continue. After Jake requests DWG to come out to the ring, Kendo comes out with a woman draped over his shoulder. The woman isn’t the Dirty White Girl, but turns out to be a female wrestler named Bambi. Why? I don’t know. Anyway, Jake leaves the interview set and gets into the ring and attacks Bambi, drawing out the Dirty White Boy, which of course leads to a double team with Kendo helping Jake beat up DWB. But not for long as the other Kendo (the good one, and no, I don’t know where either of these Kendos came from. It was never explained) runs in and clears the heels from the ring.


We join this one in progress as Gibson is sprayed in the eyes by Tammy Lee Fytch, leaving Ricky Morton to do what he does best, which is take a hellacious beating at the hands of the current SMW Tag Team Champions. A press slam by Lee leaves Morton senseless as Tammy brings out a pair of scissors and begins CUTTING RICKY’S HAIR!

We then join the Rock & Rolls along side Bambi against Candido & Lee with Tammy in a grudge match. Ricky is once again the face in peril here, as Candido works him over. Candido sends Morton to the turnbuckles. Morton stops short and low blows the charging Candido. Candido whips Morton again but it’s reversed. Candido rebounds into an inverted atomic drop. Lee comes in and gets one of his own. Morton then falls to his corner for the hot tag to Gibson. Typical stuff here as Gibson tees off on both Lee and Candido ending with the traditional Double Noggin Knocker. Irish whip by Gibson on Candido who rebounds into a sleeper hold. Lee attempts to break it, but Morton intercepts him. Tammy comes in, but Bambi meets her and puts her in an airplane spin. Morton then catches Lee in a small package for the 1-2-3 (despite neither of them being the legal man in the ring). The heels then throw Gibson and Bambi out of the ring for another hair cutting job.

The Rock and Rolls then issue a challenge to Candido and Lee for a Hair v. Hair match. Tammy Fytch immediately accepts the challenge for her team (against their wishes), and signs the contract. The only thing is, it turns out that the contract says that it’s TAMMY’S hair that will get cut if Candido & Lee lose!

Show ends

Episode #2 starts with:


Terry & Dory are representing Cornette’s Union here. The match is joined in progress as Scott takes a tennis racquet to the gut on the outside of the ring by Cornette and is then thrown back in by Dory Funk. Scott, who hasn’t tagged out yet takes a power bomb by Terry for a 2 count. Neck breaker by Funk yields another 2. Scott turns a body slam into a small package, but Funk kicks out at the 2 count. Dory tags in and nails Scott with several of the patented Funk uppercuts in the corner. Scott attempts to fight back, but Funk ain’t havin’ it. Scott eventually drops Funk but still can’t make the badly needed tag. A rope running sequence follows that sees both men collide with each other for a short rest period. Dory tags Terry and Scott finally makes the tag to Steve. Steve fires away at Terry with several rights, but Terry answers back with a series of head butts that do more damage to himself than Armstrong as Funk is now staggering around drunk as only Terry Funk can. Steve with several more rights and lefts drops Funk. Scott comes in and the Armstrongs deliver a double shoulder block to Terry. Dory climbs in and takes a double shoulder of his own. Cornette attempts to get in, but is pulled back off the ring apron by Bob Armstrong who drops Corny with a solid right hand. Back in the ring, more classic Terry Funk action as the Armstrong brothers in opposite corners are playing tennis with Terry as he staggers back and forth across the ring into right hands delivered by both men. The Ref is yelling at Bob and Cornette as the Armstrongs deliver their finisher to Terry. (Scott holds Terry in a high bearhug, as Steve dropkicks him from the top rope.) Bruiser Bedlam runs out and attacks Bob while the ref whose back is still turned misses Dory climbing back in the ring to nail Steve (who had been covering Terry for the last 15 seconds) with Cornette’s tennis racquet. Terry rolls on top for the pin. A good match that got wild near the end, but still delivered.


We join this one with Bedlam in the corner as Smothers delivers the aforementioned 10 babyface punches from the second rope. Bedlam stumbles into the center of the ring and gets caught with a nice enzuigiri by Smothers. Smothers then signals his second rope flying elbow finisher, but Bedlam dives out of the way at the last minute. Cornette hands Bedlam a chair who puts it on the mat. Smothers (who manages to very slickly turn the chair over since Bedlam left the wrong side facing up) is slammed on top of it. Another slam onto the chair by Bedlam, and he goes to the top rope. Smothers moves out of the way as Bedlam very sloppily falls on top of the chair. I have absolutely no idea what move Bruiser Bedlam was attempting here, but he nails the chair and Smothers covers him for the pin. Cornette immediately jumps in the ring and calls in the Funk brothers for the post match attack. Funk nails Smothers with a lamp post of all things. Dory and Cornette then join in until Bob Armstrong runs in with the baseball bat to clear the ring.


Since Bob has stepped down as commissioner, he says he’s appointed someone yet unnamed to take his place while he issues a 6man challenge to the Funks and Bruiser Bedlam. Bob says that he’ll tag with Tracey Smothers and a partner to be named later.


Cornette is hilarious here as he yells at the announcer for interrupting him and always hounding him for interviews (Cornette tells him that he should work for the "Torch"). Corny is happy that Bob isn’t commissioner any more, but not very happy that he doesn’t know who Bob’s mystery partner is. Corny agrees to the challenge but only if Bob accepts Cornette’s stipulations which he’ll reveal next week.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION – as the fans present a cake to the Thrill Seekers. For those who don’t know, the Thrill Seekers were Chris Jericho and Lance Storm who were wrestling as a tag team in SMW at this time. They were an extremely impressive team and worked very well together. At this point, neither of them had gotten their big break in America yet, but their time in SMW would open quite a few doors for both the future Y2J, and the Impact Player from Calgary… Alberta Canada. Both were ultra faces, and the SMW crowd just loved them. Anyway, while Lance Russell is praising the Thrill Seekers, Jim Cornette comes out and interrupts the moment by insulting the Smoky Mountain fans, Canada in general, and the Thrill Seekers in particular, saying that they couldn’t stand against the Heavenly Bodies (who had previously lost a loser leave SMW match to the Rock & Roll Express). Well, I’m sure you know how this turns out. C’mon, Cornette shooting his mouth off? A big cake nearby? Needless to say, the cake didn’t last long, as ol’ Corny was wearing it when the Storm and Jericho were through with him.

Show ends.

Episode #3 begins with an:

INTERVIEW WITH THE DIRTY WHITE BOY as he shows up on TV with the Smoky Mountain belt draped across his shoulder having beaten Jake Roberts at an unknown location during the week. The real story was that Jake pulled one of his vanishing acts and simply disappeared from the promotion. It’s too bad, as this was one of the better feuds being played out at the time, and it still had some mileage left on it.


Footage is shown of Cornette in his Union office getting ready to give us his demands in accepting the 6 man match (which is now to be a "Coward waves the flag" match) at the upcoming Night of Legends Show. Very funny segment as Cornette is interrupted by a phone call from one of his union workers. Let’s listen in.

CORNETTE: "Hold on a sec" (picks up the phone) "Union Headquarters…Well, if he’s not getting the job done, fire him! What? His wife is pregnant? Well fire her too, they’re obviously not doin’ enough overtime!"

(Ok, it sounded funnier when Cornette said it.)

Back to Bob and Smothers as Bob announces that his mystery partner will be none other than ROAD WARRIOR HAWK! Footage is shown of the Scaffold match from the 1986 NWA Starrcade where the LOD defeated Cornette’s Midnight Express. Then we see where Hawk chased Cornette up the scaffold where he fell, breaking his arm in the process. Needless to say Cornette nearly has a heart attack at Bob’s announcement.

A FAN’S HOME VIDEO CAMERA FOOTAGE of the Thrill Seekers being jumped out in the parking lot by 2 masked men. It’s not too hard to figure out that they’re the Heavenly Bodies since they’re accompanied by Jim Cornette, who assists in the beating. Afterward a beaten and bandaged up Thrill Seekers demand that the Bodies be re-instated for a match against them.

INTERVIEW – TAMMY FYTCH who is distraught over the upcoming hair v. hair match and announces the formation of a legal defense fund to get her out of the contract.

TRACY SMOTHERS V. BRIAN LEE ("Beat the Champ" TV Title match)

The thing here, is that the TV champion defends the title every week. If he can successfully defend the title 5 consecutive times, he’ll win $5,000. This is Smothers’ final defense.

Flying elbow by Smothers followed by a cross body block for 2. Lee attacks Smothers in the corner and sends him to the far corner. Smothers stops and tries to vault backward over Lee’s head, but gets caught. In the process of powerslamming Smothers, Lee nails the referee. Chris Candido jumps into the ring for the double team, but the Rock & Roll Express come out and drag Candido out of the ring. The Rock & Rolls jump in the ring themselves and double dropkick Lee. The Ref who missed all of this, wakes up just in time to make the 3 count as Tracy pins Lee.

Show ends.

Episode #4 kicks off with a:

JIM CORNETTE INTERVIEW protesting Road Warrior Hawk being signed as the 3rd man in the upcoming 6man tag match. Cornette is so upset, that he and Bruiser Bedlam actually go ON STRIKE! I’m not kidding here. They’re actually marching around the ring with picket signs. This goes on for the first 20 minutes of the show until Bullet Bob runs them off with a baseball bat. Guys, Cornette had some of the funniest angles going on in Smoky Mountain. It’s a shame that the promotion folded.


In the breakaway gimmick of 1994, New Jack and Mustafa debut as 2 racist gangbangers from South Central LA. They haven’t even reached the ring yet and are already getting booed like crazy. A short one-sided brawl here as the Gangstas finish Hamrick & Michaels off with a New Jack flying headbutt off the top rope.

The Gangstas follow up their match with an interview that immediately raised the bar for interviews and promos throughout the entire industry. If the Gangstas weren’t hated before, this interview DEFINITELY did it. For those of you who are only familiar with New Jack for his current work in ECW, you may want to know that the Gangstas weren’t hated in SMW for their matches. It was their infamous promos and interviews that put them over as absolute MONSTER HEELS. New Jack is relentless in attacking the local fans in a decidedly racist manner. Remember here, that Smoky Mountain wrestling is set in the middle of the confederate flag waving south. And most of the local fans (and the police for that matter) don’t normally come into contact with black people, and lets just say that they prefer it that way. Needless to say, Cornette saw a goldmine with having 2 racist black guys come in and antagonizing the fans. New Jack manages to make references to OJ Simpson, Louis Farrakahn and Snoop Doggy Dog here, and damn near incites a riot! And this was only their first appearance!

Next, Cornette introduces his newest member of F.I.T.E. in "Conan" Chris Walker who runs in on a match between Cornette and the Dirty White Boy. Nothing much comes of him as Walker fails to make an impression and is not really used again.

Show ends.

Episode #5 begins with:


Another squash by the Gangstas here. New Jack gets the win with the Greco Roman headbutt from the top rope. New Jack would augment this move the following year in ECW by adding the Olympic Freestyle Chair shot from the top rope.

Another interview with the Gangstas follows and in only their second week in Smoky Mountain, they’re already running a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen claiming that "The views of the Gangstas are not those of SMW or this TV station". This time, they not only mention OJ, but the beating of Reginald Denny (the white guy that was dragged out of his truck and beaten with a brick during the Rodney King riots in South Central LA). At this point Satan himself would be cheered if he was booked against the Gangstas.


Lee starts off with the early advantage, but doesn’t see Scott tag in Steve during an Irish whip. Steve hits a top rope bulldog on Lee. The Armstrongs then double clothesline Candido. Lee also gets one for good measure. Candido and Lee bail out to the floor to slow things down. Back in the ring, it’s Candido and Steve. A decent rope running sequence sees Steve go down from a shoulder block. Candido keeps running. Drop down by Steve. Leapfrog as Candido comes back. Hiptoss by Steve on the rebound followed by an armdrag into an armbar. Scott switches places with Steve with no tag as the ref’s back was turned. Candido breaks the armbar and Irish whips Scott and attempts a hip toss, but Scott reverses it into a backslide. Candido tries to reverse the backslide to his own advantage, but Scott instead, flips over Candido and lands on his back (probably messing up the planned spot as he should have landed on his feet.) Elbow drop by Candido misses the mark. Steve tags in and helps Scott deliver a double back body drop on Candido. Lee tags in and is sent to the ropes by Steve. Tammy Fytch however, grabs Steve’s leg. Lee then throws Scott outside of the ring. With the ref distracted, Candido works Scott over on the outside, and then throws him back in the ring. Bodyslam by Lee. Candido tags in and immediately climbs the top rope. Lee throws him off in a British Bulldog-esque rocket launcher, but Scott moves at the last minute and makes the hot tag to his brother, who jumps in and takes on both Lee and Candido. Scott is on his feet now, and takes on Lee. As they’re not the legal men in the ring, the ref is trying to get them out and misses Candido nailing Steve with Tammy’s purse. The Rock & Roll Express run in and breaks up the count with Morton nailing Candido with the purse as the ref is watching which gets the Armstrongs disqualified. Solid match here by both teams.

Show ends.

Episode #6 recaps the Night of Legends show that took place on August 5th in Knoxville TN.  Our first match saw:


Surprisingly good match here between these veterans. Garvin still has the buzz cut that you remember from the mid 80’s, but his hair is back to its natural brown now. Lots of great double teaming by Slater and Orton, who in my opinion should have stuck around as a team a bit longer. These two worked over Garvin for the majority of the match before Garvin could finally tag in the Stomper (He actually tagged him 2 or three times, but the ref was always out of position, and wouldn’t allow the Stomper to come in). We eventually have all 4 men brawling in the ring as the Stomper takes his boot off and blasts both of the heels with it. The ref calls for the bell, disqualifying both teams. Surprisingly enough, even though Slater and Orton were the obvious heels, the only cheating that went on, was when the Stomper was swinging his boot around. Like I said before, a very good match here. Apparently not all wrestlers over the age of 40 get lazy in the ring. Slater and Orton could step in the ring today and still hang with most of the younger teams out there.

We follow that match with an in-ring INTERVIEW WITH THE GANGSTAS

New Jack gives another classic interview with Jim Ross. By this time, not only are advertisers and whole TV stations threatening to withdraw support for Smoky Mountain programming, but even the local NAACP is complaining about the Gangstas. New Jack is excellent on the microphone, and is clearly the best speaker in the entire promotion with the only exception being Jim Cornette himself. The Gangstas single out the Rock & Roll Express as the team that they are going to feud with.


The grudge match is on, and what a grudge match it is! This match turned out to unintentionally be the absolute BLOODIEST MATCH IN SMW HISTORY! I don’t think one man shed more blood in an American ring until Bill Alphonso’s match against Beulah in ECW a couple of years later. The Bodies are in the ring. The Seekers’ music plays and a white race car drives down the entrance way. The Bodies are waiting for the Seekers to come out, but they fool the heels by coming in through the crowd and attacking the Bodies from behind. Chris Jericho is wearing a cast on his right arm, as he had legitimately broken it the previous day. He still worked the match and for that (as well as what would happen to him later) he definitely gets the MVP award for the evening. Now sit back, this match went at a pretty fast pace.

Very nice spot to start things off as Storm and Jericho each have a heel in an opposite corner for the Irish whip to the center. The Bodies reverse it, and send the faces toward each other. Jericho ducks while Storm leapfrogs over him, and the Seekers simply wind up switching partners. Del Ray and Prichard both attempt to atomic drop their opponents, but both Storm and Jericho flip over the Bodies, landing on their feet and deliver stereo superkicks followed by twin clotheslines that send the Bodies over the top rope to the floor. But the Bodies are not safe yet, as Storm climbs to the top turnbuckle and Jericho on the front apron rocket launches Storm into an excellent cross body block on both Pritchard and Del Ray. The Thrill Seekers jump back in the ring to milk a much deserved face pop from the crowd.

The Bodies get themselves together and return to the ring. Jericho and Prichard lock up. 2 knees and a couple of chops in the corner by Prichard. Irish whip attempt is reversed by Jericho. Prichard rebounds off the far corner into a back body drop by Jericho. Pritchard gets up, only to get nailed by a left handed chop (Jericho’s right arm is the one that’s broken) that sends him back to the canvas. Del Ray comes in and takes a backdrop/left handed chop of his own, and the heels are outside on the floor again.

More stalling by Cornette as the Bodies regain their composure. Storm and Del Ray in now. They lock up, Del Ray goes behind. Standing switch by Storm. Another switch by Del Ray, who from behind, takes storms hands down between his legs and flips him over onto his back, but gets caught as Storm immediately kicks Del Ray with both feet and nips up. Storm then hip tosses Del Ray and nails him with a super kick sending him outside. Not to be outdone, Prichard comes in and get0s kicked out as well. For the third time, the heels are on the outside looking in, and Cornette is definitely not happy.

Storm is still the legal man in the ring, but Prichard tags in for the Bodies. They lock up and go into another decent sequence of reversals, ending with a hammerlock by Storm on Prichard. They reverse it a couple of times between them with Prichard finally applying an overhand wristlock. Del Ray comes in and attempt to apply the move on Storms other wrist, but Storm executes a back flip while holding on to both Bodies and manages to double arm drag both of them. Storm then delivers a double clothesline, but runs out of gas as the bodies begin double teaming him. A double suplex attempt is blocked as Jericho comes in and helps Storm land on his feet. Another pair of super kicks and the bodies are again on the outside.

Del Ray and Storm are back in now, and Storm takes an eye rake followed by a right hand. An Irish whip is reversed by Storm who hits the rebounding Del Ray with an inverted atomic drop. Prichard comes in and takes one as well. Storm whips Del Ray to the ropes but in classic Ricky Steamboat fashion, Del Ray slides under Storms legs on the rebound, just as Pritchard nails Storm from behind with a perfect Bulldog headlock to finally turn the tide in favor of the heels. Pritchard throws Storm to the outside to be worked over by Del Ray. Storm is thrown back in and body slammed by Pritchard. Del Ray tags in and in a good double team move, is back flipped by Pritchard onto Storm for a 2 count. Release Northern Lights suplex by Del Ray. Pritchard tags in and Del Ray picks him up atomic drop style and throws him down into a leg drop onto Storm. Pritchard hooks the leg for 2. Knee drop by Pritchard gets another 2 count. Del Ray tags in and delivers a double ax handle on Storm’s back. Irish whip by Del Ray and Storm takes a kick to the jaw. Another cover gets Jim a 2 count. Tag to Tom, who drops a second rope elbow on Storm as Jim side slams him. Great double teamwork by the Heavenly Bodies. Hell, they haven’t even started breaking the rules yet! Another cover, but Storm kicks out at 2. Vertical suplex by Tom, who then goes to the top rope, but misses an elbow drop. Storm makes it to the corner for the hot tag, and boy is Jericho ready! The future Y2J (Does that make him Y2J-5?) comes in and cleans house on the Bodies, spin kicking each of them in turn, and throwing Pritchard to the ropes for a clothesline. Jericho slams Del Ray, but is dragged out of the ring by Pritchard. With the ref distracted by Del Ray, Pritchard and Cornette throw Jericho into the ring barrier. To say that Jericho juices here would be a huge understatement. By the time Jericho is thrown back in the ring, HE’S A BLOODY MESS!! Jericho is now being worked over relentlessly by Del Ray. We get a close up camera shot of Jericho’s face, and it is indeed a gruesome sight to behold. Jericho is just pouring blood now, and Jim is raking Jericho’s face and peppering him with rights. The ref gets between them to check Jericho’s condition, but Jericho says he’s ok. Tom Pritchard tags in and picks up where Del Ray left off. Jericho tries to get some momentum back, but a cheap racquet shot by Cornette derails it. Tom tags back in and continues the punishment. Three consecutive knee drops fail to get a 3 count, as Jericho is still aware enough to kick out. The ref checks Jericho again, but still allows the match to continue. Jericho is now bloodier than Hiroshi Hase after a bad night against the Great Muta. Remember Cactus Jack’s face after winning the King of the Death Match Tournament against Terry Funk? We’re talking that much blood now. It’s all over the ring, Jericho and the Ref not to mention the Heavenly Bodies. The Ref finally gets in there and stops the match, ruling that Jericho can no longer continue.


Jericho pleads with the ref that he can still fight, and the referee RESTARTS THE MATCH! We pick up with Del Ray hitting Jericho some more, but he turns around and catches a super kick from Storm (who hadn’t yet left the ring from when the ref stopped the match). Del Ray stumbles back into a schoolboy rollup by Jericho for the 1-2-3! FANTASTIC MATCH! This one clearly stole the show. Excellent work by both teams, especially Jericho, who was not only injured going into the match, but was bleeding more than anyone I’d ever seen in an American match to date.


The final match covered in this episode is the Tag title match as the R&RX try to regain the tag titles for the umpteenth time. This is not the aforementioned hair v. hair match. That one will take place during my next update.

The match is joined in progress as Ricky Morton is doing what he does best and can't get out of the heels’ corner. In a pretty ingenious move, Robert Gibson runs over to the corner and actually throws Morton across the ring to their own corner, at which point Gibson steps outside of the ropes and Morton tags him in. Double clothesline by Gibson on both men. Candido is sent to the ropes and into a back drop. Brian Lee gets the same treatment. Tammy (who is handcuffed to, I believe, Ricky Gibson) tries to enter the ring, but is pulled back out by Gibson. The ref misses Candido throwing Robert out over the top rope. Morton comes in but is held by Lee as Candido climbs the top rope. Gibson climbs to the ring apron, throws Candido into a collision with Lee just as Morton moves out of the way. Ricky Morton covers the stunned Brian Lee for the win and the SMW tag team titles!

Over all, July and the beginning of August made for a very good month of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. With the return of the Heavenly Bodies, as well as the introduction of the Gangstas, SMW is about to really heat up. I’ll be back soon to pick up where I left off.

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