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 - Serge Niles

Hello Wrestling Fans, to the May Column of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling.  Like, I promised last month.  We'll take a look at what many fans considered an the change of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling.  

The year was 1985, Ron Starr had made his debut in the Maritimes as a fan favorite, standing up for what he believed was right.  He was battling the Cuban Assassin, Bobby Bass, Super Destroyer and Sweet Daddy Siki.  Formed a good friendship with Leo Burke, by coming to his aid during some double team attacks.    

Starr teamed with Burke once on TV against, Super Destroyer and Bobby Bass (I'm not a 100% sure on the opponents.).  That match was mostly dominated by Starr and Burke, till Burke accidentally hit Starr.  Starr got upset and attacked Burke, making this a 3 on 1 attack.  The end result was Burke needing help to the back, by Ron Rich, Man Mountain Moore and Rick Patterson.    

Starr disappeared for a few weeks, then returned with the King of the Ring Title  (The belt resembled the old US Title from Detroit).  Starr began bad mouthing Burke and calling him a coward and a chicken.  Burke came out from the back, and we had ourselves a series of matches, that had the crowds on the edge of their seats.  

Now, this was only one incident, to happen in 1985.  The Cuban Assassin was a major heel, and would draw heat, just by walking in an arena.  Now the Cuban was upset, that Bobby Bass was focusing more his attention to the Super Destroyer and Ron Starr.  Bass and Cuban had a couple of shoving matches, in the ring, but they would always hug and leave together.    

Everything came to a halt on August 24, on TV.  Burke was wrestling the Super Destroyer, as Ron Starr came out and attacked Burke making it a 2 on 1 attack.  Bass stood on the outside of the ring giving orders, as the Cuban Assassin came out from the back.  It appeared as if the Cuban was going to join in the attack and make a 3 on 1 attack.  However, the unthinkable happened.  The Cuban punched Ron Starr and the Super Destroyer and saved Leo Burke.  

The crowd in the TV Studio was totally quiet, and nobody knew what to make of this.  Starr and Super D made their way of the ring and to the back, as Leo Burke just looked on in shock.  Burke did not trust the Cuban at all, considering their long history against each other.  Burke took the microphone and told the Cuban, that he thanked him for the help, but Stephen Petitpas was still is tag team partner, and that he did not trust him.  

The Cuban would do anything possible to make Leo Burke trust him, as he would come out and save Burke on house shows from several attacks, and he would always try to help out Burke when he could.  Burke began realizing that he would need some help, as Stephen Petitpas left the area in early September, and Burke was without a partner.  It was with hesitance, that Burke accept the Cuban as a partner, and they would go on to battle Starr, Super D and Bobby Bass till the summer came to an end.    

The fans fell in love with the Cuban, and would be behind him, as he was now a part of them.   The Cuban remained a fan favorite in the Maritimes for several years, winning the tag team titles with Leo Burke in 1986, and also battling the evil Bobby Bass every summer, till 1989, when the Cuban turned on Leo Burke and the old Cuban was back.  

We'll have a more intensive look at 1989, in a couple of months, with the year in reviews..  


I'll begin with the year in reviews starting with 1981. 

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