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Disclaimer  Considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board, it is impossible for us to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the contents of and are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this message board or the main KM website or any entity associated with this message board or the main KM website. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately.    We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realize that we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately.

Before proceeding to the message board, new visitors should be aware of the rules.  That said, and with the switchover to the new board, everyone who has an active and current user id is starting fresh.  What happened on the old board is left there.  We are instituting a three-strike rule.  We will be keeping track of who violates which rule and after three infractions, that person will be banned from the board.  We will also be keeping copies of each and every thread or post that we edit or delete.  

There are always mitigating circumstances, but we will do our best to apply these rules fairly across the board, regardless of who the poster is. We are not trying to censor anyone.  We are not on power trips.  We are not storm-troopers.  We are trying to provide a board that runs smoothly, and is enjoyable for all involved.  Unfortunately, not everyone involved likes the fact that we have rules.  If we've learned anything from doing this board, we've learned that we cannot please everyone.  But the rules are in place and they will be enforced as best as we possibly can.  

We don't necessarily feel that each and every rule violation is a bannable offense.  Therefore, the rules have been revised and reordered as such:

Bannable offenses

Rule #1: Be nice.  Be respectful:  Treat others the same way you want to be treated.  We want a spirited discussion, but that discussion will be of a polite, respectful and courteous nature.  Any posts that I or the moderators feel are in violation of this "be nice/be respectful" rule, will be deleted.  Any posts that have responded to the initial offending post will also be deleted.  

As a sub-section of this rule, please do not take it upon yourself to act as moderator.  If someone is doing something wrong, instead of confronting them on the board, let one of the moderators know.  We will then handle it.  
Further, please refrain from telling others what or how to post.  If someone posts something that has already been discussed, don't get on them about it.  Just because something may have been asked before doesn't make it any less viable to the person asking the question.  This board is now up to hundreds and hundreds of pages.  If someone wants to dig for the answer, that's great.  If not, he should be able to ask the question without being berated for it.  

Keep in mind that there are many people, other fans AND pros who view this board.  Their involvement will be decided by how they see other posters acting.  If the board is fun, and full of spirited and engaging discussion, they're more likely to get involved.  Otherwise, they won't.  How you conduct yourselves will dictate who will make themselves known.

Rule #2: Appropriateness:  please refrain from any and all cursing.  Cursing is a personal option and may be appropriate to you, but it has its time and place.  On a board where anyone from a young teenager, to a senior citizen may read or post, we need to be responsible with this.  Some curse words will be automatically filtered by a message board setting.  Those that aren't, will be deleted.  The post won't but the curse words will.  
DO NOT try to be creative with your cursing (i.e. %*@#$)... this will also cause you to not only have your post edited, but will violate this rule.

Refrain from discussions of someone's sexuality.  It's not important.  Whether it's public or not, discussions of this nature often degenerate into something they need not be so better if they are not discussed at all.  

Religion - refrain from religious discussions. This is not to say a post can't be made asking which former worker is now a preacher.  However, the moment any post or thread veers into an actual discussion of religion, it will be deleted.  This doesn't mean the board is against religion or against God.  It means that we are against flame-wars, and we have yet to see a religious discussion not devolve into a flame-war.  

Rule #3:  Respectful post topics: if you've been on the board for any length of time, you've seen several pros on board: Dr. Tom Prichard, Percy Pringle, Ken Wayne, Ed Moretti, Brandon Baxter, Izzy Slapowitz, Blue Meanie, Playboy Buddy Rose, Cowboy Bob Kelly, Scott Bowden and many others are posting.  Many of them have told me they've spread the word, which means other pros are reading too... they may be lurking and we don't know it.  If they come to a board and see disrespectful posts like, "Who's the ugliest worker"? or "So-and-so is a ho"? or whatever, what chance do we have of them actually coming out of lurking status and becoming an active poster?  If they come to a board and see petty in-fighting, why would they join us?  Keep this in mind when you post something.  The one thing I've heard universally from the pros is how impressed they are with the knowledge, memory and enthusiasm the fans have shown on the boards... we've watched them for many years and now they're watching us, trying to decide if they want to interact.  Please give them reason to.  Any posts or threads that the KM Mod Squad feels are disrespectful not only to the workers or other posters will be deleted.

Rule #4:  Discussion of KM Message Board policy - if something is deleted and you want to question why, do so via an email to the moderators.  DO NOT discuss it on the board.  Discussion of board policy will result the in post deletion.  If we edit or delete something, there was a reason for it.  Feel free to question our reasoning but please do it via email.  We will do our best to alert a person (via email) as to why his post was deleted, except in two instances:  A) we do not have access to his email and therefore cannot contact him, or B) his post was clearly meant to cause trouble and therefore,  doesn't deserve a reason.

Rule #5:  No Spamming:  Spam is spam. We all recognize it for what it is.  Those who intentionally spam every forum on the board without first clearing it with the Site Admin will be banned from the board.  However, even if you have permission from the Site Admin to post something of an advertising nature, the Site Admin will direct you where to post the item.  You will not be able to put it into whatever forum you'd like.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in banning.

As part of the spamming rule, unless given proper permission from the owner/webmaster of KM, no fantasy league announcements or organizations are allowed and no current wrestling promotion announcements can be made.   Any such posts made without permission will be deleted.  Repeated postings will result in banning.

Rule #6:  Tape Trading:  rules will follow specifically for this forum but the one in place now that will be strictly enforced:  you cannot post in any of the other threads looking for tapes.    

Non-Bannable offenses

These offenses are generally non-bannable unless someone severely and repeatedly violates it.  Those who repeatedly violate the following rules will be banned.

Rule #1:  The 1989 rule: this is no less an important rule than it has been.  This rule is what, in part, gives KM its unique identity amongst other message boards and sites.  While KM generally covers a period from 1965-1989, a few exceptions have been made.  These exceptions were determined by the owner of KM.  Be clear that while 1989 is the cutoff for most discussions, it doesn't mean you cannot discuss the AWA or Portland promotions after 1989... they were viable territories that eventually died, but they're still fair game.  I chose to include the USWA because a) it was a direct continuation of the old Memphis region, 2) it was born in late 88/early 89, and c) it held on to its territorial feel.  In my estimation, it deserved to be included. GWF, while debuting in 1991, was again in my view, the last territory.  Finally, SMW, created in 1992, it was the definition of what a territory was... in its wrestling, booking, where it ran, and the majority of its stars were all workers from the territory days.  I felt it worthy of inclusion.  They are all fair game to discuss.  

The WWF is the unique animal on the board as it is the only former territory to still be continuing today.  However, the WWF is no longer a territorial promotion.  It can be argued that in the strictest sense, that it stopped being so in 1985.  However, many of us grew up with the WWF in the mid-to-late 80s and many of our favorite stars from the territory days passed through.  It deserves its place on the board.  You'll notice though, that I have split the forum into two... one is the WWWF/WWF (1963-1983) and the other WWF (1984-1989).  Post appropriately in each forum based upon the years you'd like to discuss.  

ECW while certainly a popular promotion was not a territory.  It was a breed all its own and will not be covered on this site.  It was as far away from old-school as one could get and it changed wrestling to what we see today.  That's not an indictment on ECW as I enjoyed it as much as anyone... but for purposes of our board, it doesn't have a place here.

The 1989 rule is in place to provide some focus.  This site is dedicated to the regional or territory days, days which by 1989 were essentially over...  To some degree, I have to dictate what is and isn't ok and in the case of the WWF and WCW, I ask that you refrain from posting anything post-1989.  If it related to old school somehow, (i.e. how does HHH compare to Ric Flair), then it's ok.  But if you want to discuss the latest angle on RAW, please do it elsewhere.   This rule will be enforced at the discretion of the moderators.  It's going to be up to the mods, in many cases, to determine what is ok and what isn't ok in regards to this rule.  

Rule #2:  Screen names - your chosen screen name cannot be of a past or present wrestler.  There are many wrestlers who look at the message board and if they choose to get involved, they should be able to have their names available.  Please refrain from using a simple name such as "RickyMorton."  If you want to use "RickyMortonFan" or "RickyMortonRules", that's ok, whereas "RickyMorton16" would not be.  Using a screen name that violates this rule will cause us to email you and request a change.  Then, said screen name will be deleted three days after you receive the email.

Rule #3:  Custom Signatures on the message board - if you choose to use images in your custom signature, they need to be:

a) fairly small in size... no big images

b) the images cannot be reflective of anything having to do with sex, drug use or religion of any kind.

c) Any custom signatures comprised of simple text must be brief and must also refrain from references to sex, drug use, politics or religion, and must be free from any vulgar language.  

Rule #4:  Old School Hodge Podge forum:  this forum is a place to discuss those topics which do not fit into the any of the territory forums or other miscellaneous forums.  It is not an area for off-topic discussion or current wrestling talk.

Rule #5 - Miscellaneous - Other threads such as the magazines forum need to deal with topics from KM's time frame.  Keep all current topics of discussion out.    

In general, keep any and all discussions old school. That's the intent of this site/board.  There are tons of new school wrestling sites to visit and post to for newer topics.  What makes KM unique is our focus...  please help us to maintain that uniqueness.

To reach the board, click here.

 - VinceKM