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 - Tony D. 

Before Scoot Andrews was “The Black Nature Boy”, before Buddy Landel was “The Nature Boy”, and possibly before Ric Flair was “The Nature Boy”, there was Roger “Nature Boy” Kirby.   

On the episode of All Star Wrestling that was broadcast on April 22, 1984 and taped on April 12, the team of Cowboy Lang and Marty Jannetty took on the team of Little Tokyo and Roger “Nature Boy” Kirby. Cowboy Lang and Little Tokyo were midget wrestlers, so this was an mixed tag team match. It was an “Old School” mixed tag team match as well, meaning that when one team made the tag, the other team had to tag as well. More or less, it’s like two singles matches. Bobby Whitlock was the Referee in this match.  

Lang and Tokyo start the match. Lang with an Irish Whip and he dropped down, Tokyo jumped over Lang and he put the brakes on before he got too near to Jannetty. Marty Jannetty had his fist cocked waiting to put Tokyo. Tokyo and Kirby tried the save move, but Lang was able to stop before Kirby could reach him. Cowboy Lang made the tag. Bob Geigel joined Kevin Wall for commentary during part of this match, and Bob Geigel said “Roger Kirby is in the ring right now. A lot of people aren’t aware of this, in September of ‘77, Roger “Nature Boy” Kirby set a world leg press record that’s still standing today, and the total weight he lifted with his legs was two thousand eight hundred pounds.” Kevin Wall replied “That is amazing. A lot of people I know tell ya, Hey, these guys aren’t athletes, but you look at something like that and you say Hey, these guys can do it.”  

Marty with an armbar and he backs Kirby into the corner, and Cowboy Lang climbs to the second turnbuckle and he punches Kirby a few times. Lang makes the tag. Little Tokyo came into the ring but Kirby hasn’t left the ring yet. Kirby dove at Lang but Lang got out of the way and Kirby landed on the mat. Lang ran across the ring and Kirby with another dive that missed Lang. Tokyo ordered Roger Kirby to leave the ring and go back to their corner. Lang and Tokyo with a criss cross and Lang catches Tokyo with a hiptoss. Little Tokyo with an Irish Whip on Cowboy Lang, Tokyo sets up for a backdrop but Lang jumps over Tokyo. Tokyo turns around and Lang catches Tokyo with a dropkick.   Tokyo with a fist into Lang’s midsection. Tokyo backs Lang into the corner and Roger Kirby grabs Cowboy Lang. Little Tokyo runs across the ring and he comes off the ropes and he goes for a martial arts kick that catches Roger Kirby in the chest as Cowboy Lang was able to get away. Cowboy Lang makes the tag. Marty Jannetty and Roger Kirby lock up collar-and-elbow and Roger Kirby with a headlock.  More...

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