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 - Tony D. 

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about The Grapplers and their orthopedic boot. This article details how The Grapplers and The Uptown Boys each got a manager and the build up to the Chicken Suit Match.

On the episode of All-Star Wrestling that was broadcast on May 13, 1984, they came back from commercial break and Kevin Wall was at his desk at ringside next to Grappler #1. Grappler #2 was standing nearby.

Kevin: We are back on All-Star Wrestling and of course we are talking with Grappler #1. There has been alot of talk around the Central States area about your Central States tag team title belts. There’s alot of talk I might add about the possibility, and we say it is a rumor at this point, of a manager for The Grapplers.

Grappler #1: Well, I’ll tell you something, it’s no rumor at all. We have a manager. And I’ll tell you something people, we have the greatest manager in Professional Wrestling today, his name happens to be Jimmy Hart...

Kevin: Jimmy Hart?

Grappler #1: Jimmy Hart, and he takes care of our business, he takes care of The Grapplers, and you know what? He told me over the phone that he’s sick and tired of The Grapplers getting pushed around. He’s sick and tired of Bob Geigel, the big promoter, telling all of these guys around here they can get any type of match that they might want or desire or just dream up. You’re looking at The Central States Tag Team Champions, and I’ll tell you something, we got a little tape here on Jimmy Hart. I wanna show you people a little class, I wanna show you what Jimmy Hart’s all about, he’s our man. So I tell you what, why don’t you just roll the videotape and let the people see it.

Kevin: Alright, here it is, Jimmy Hart.

The videotape starts and Jimmy Hart is shown checking himself out in front of a mirror.

Jimmy Hart: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greatest wrestling’ manager of all? Well you are Jimmy Hart. And mirror mirror on the wall, Mr. Bob Geigel, big time wrestling’ promoter, Mr. Tight Pockets, is about to have an awful awful big fall. Y’know, The Grapplers, the greatest team in the history of Professional Wrestling’ called my office last week and they told my secretary, they said "Please, tell Mr. Hart to call us back immediately, we’re having some problems up here in Kansas City".   More...

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