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 - Tony D. 

On the episode of All-Star Wrestling that was broadcast on April 29, 1984, Kevin Wall showed a videotape of Wahoo McDaniel in action. The match was Wahoo McDaniel vs. Billy Howard from the Mid Atlantic area of The NWA. It was common for the various NWA promotions to send matches to each other of stars that would going into different territories at the time, and Memphis, the AWA and Mid-South also sent or received matches from various NWA promotions at one time or another. Billy Howard wrestled in the 1970ís and the early 1980ís in the Central States area. He did the job to Wahoo in this match obviously or they wouldnít have shown that match to put Wahoo over. This match was broadcast without commentary for some reason. Most matches that were provided from one territory to another had the commentary included, or sometimes the commentators would show the tape and provide their own commentary, but the match with Wahoo McDaniel vs. Billy Howard had no commentary at all. The crowd was easier to hear and they were all behind Wahoo in that match. The impact from the moves sounded louder to me as well. Wahoo dominated that match.

Later in that broadcast, Kevin Wall showed a clip of World Champion Ric Flair and said "Ric Flair is returning to the Central States area very soon." Kevin said that people are saying that Ric Flairís lifestyle might be catching up with him. "The women, the fast cars, the different cities each night, maybe itís catching up with him and maybe Ric Flair is ready to be upset." To illustrate his point, Kevin showed a videotape of a limousine at an airport and the limo stopping in front of a Lear Jet with red carpet leading to it and two women standing in front of the Lear Jet. Sam the Chauffeur gets out and opens the door for Ric Flair. Ric cuts an interview with Jan and Laura, the two women by his side.

"This is why Iím the World Heavyweight Champion, not Joe Montana, not Burt Reynolds, not turkeys like that, but a real man." They get into the jet so Ric and company can go off to that next city. Ric has his arms around one of the girls and he gives a big thumbs up. There is a voiceover done by the late great Gordon Solie and he says "Despite the national economy being in a deep recession, The World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair always travels first class".  More...

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