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 - Steve Webber

As I mentioned last month, many ICW wrestlers went on to bigger and better things after leaving the promotion. Since it wasnít on TV during its full run in my area, Iím sure that there are a few Iím leaving out. There was a core of performers who were with the promotion during most of its run, such as Randy Savage, Leaping Lanny Poffo, The Miser/Angelo Poffo, Pistol Pez Whatley, "Hustler" Rip Rogers, George Weingeroff, and Ronnie Garvin. Others had shorter runs, such as Bob Orton, Jr., Bob Roop, Boris Malenko, and Crusher Broomfield. Iíll try to cover as many of them as possible, even the jobbers.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage- This is one case of the promoterís son getting top billing and actually deserving it. He held the ICW "world" title for most of the promotionís existence, and with the possible exception of Garvin, was its top star. His act wasnít all that different than it was in WWF and WCW; he was "off the wall", did the same elbow drop from the top rope, and still talked like he was constipated. I seem to remember the "ohhhh yeeaahhhh!," but his favorite exclamation at the time was "freak out!" For quite a while, many of his TV appearances were from his house (I have no idea if it was really his house or not). He refused to appear at the studio during this period due to the humiliation suffered at the hands of Garvin and Roop, when they pulled their "sting". Every show would have a segment with Savage and his crew, who consisted of manager Steve Cooper, The Prophet (who never talked or showed his face), and Crusher "I donít like snakes, Randy" Broomfield. His big feud was with Garvin for the ICW world title. When the title was on the line, Garvin was never able to pin him. After Garvin left the promotion, he eventually turned face and dropped the title to Paul Christy. I donít think that many of us who saw him during his tenure in ICW are surprised that he became a superstar.

Ronnie "the One Man Gang" Garvin- Garvin was the biggest name from the group that left Ron Fullerís promotion for ICW. It may be hard for anyone whose exposure to Garvin was limited to his NWA, WWF, and AWA days just how over he was in east Tennessee in the late seventies and early eighties. In a day when good guys were only supposed to cheat when provoked, Garvin broke the rules as much as anyone. Of course, that never mattered to the fans. His interviews were great, and he was a better than average worker in the ring. He held the Southeastern title, but never seemed to have an extended feud with anyone over the belt. He spent most of his time trying to win Savageís title or taking on visitors to the territory (like Ox Baker or Ernie Ladd). He was fond of "exposes," in which he would expose secrets of other wrestlers. The most famous of these was the revelation that Randy Savage had been caught shoplifting. I think he supposedly tried to lift some steaks from a grocery store, but I may be wrong on that. He also liked to bring out old Southeastern footage.  More...

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