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 - Edward Pardue

The year was 1995 and a war between promotions was setting Tennessee on fire.  Smoky Mountain Wrestling, based in Knoxville, Tn. had to defend their honor against Memphis based USWA. Jerry Lawler, " King " of Memphis wrestling came in in February of 1995 and won the SMW title. His run in SMW was short lived (Thank God!) but it was a omen of things to come. Not happy to ruin there OWN federation, Randy Hales ( aka Ichabod Crane ) brought his smelly crew to Knoxville to try and destroy SMW.

PG-13 arrived first. Right from the start they copped an attitude. Jamie Dundee and Wolfie D. came to Knoxville to fight for their organization's honor. These jerks from the USWA came in and shot their mouths off and still walked away with their titles? Hell no, baby... that don't play here in the Smoky Mountains. Papa Smurf and Smurfette ignited a full fledged war.

The Rock and Roll Express went to Memphis to meet PG-13. While no giants themselves, they proved to Dundee and Wolfie that Rock and Roll was for real and maybe the USWA should try to fight another promotion, because SMW was legit. If there were any justice in the world, Ricky and Robert would've brought home the gold belts for an extended period, but apparently the local junk yard needed their tin back that Hales and crew used to make those gawdy things.

Did Randy stop there? Nope. He came in himself and raised hell on the SMW TV show, to the point where the late Mark Curtis, SMW head referee, took it upon himself to shut Randy Hales up. Curtis trained for the business alongside such workers as Shane Douglas and Mick Foley while Hales didn't know a karate chop from a pork chop. Curtis stretched Randy's butt so far you would've thought he was giving him an enema and while Randy still talked trash after their encounters , it was NEVER when Mark Curtis was anywhere with in earshot.

By this point, the SMW were pretty much ticked off. They had seen Brad Armstrong robbed of the USWA title he won from Billy Jack Haynes at the Superbowl of Wrestling. A few guys from Cornette's crew decided they would take matters into their own hands and finish what the USWA started.  More...

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