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 - Charles Laffere

I know that you read my tag line for the inaugural article and are asking "Hey Charles, what about the Russians, the hippies and the rookies you promised?" Alas, not this time, fellow graps fans. After reading various 'Net rumors concerning the impending demise of both WCW and ECW, I decided to devote this installation as to why the UWF was eventually sold by Bill Watts to Jim Crockett.  

So what parallels can be drawn between the dilemmas of the two current promotions and the UWF? I doubt that WCW will shut down anytime soon, but the company's collective ability to totally sabotage itself and to careen from disaster to disaster is truly amazing. The promotion's various ills are far too numerous to mention here and is really a topic for another time and a different website. ECW shares some of the problems the UWF faced in 1986-87, in that it has a larger promotion acquiring its stars and a lack of cash flow being primary among the similarities.

I don't want this to be a negative article, because it's hardly the tragicomic tale of, say, the end of the AWA, which concluded with a Turkey-on-a-Pole match inside of an empty, pink-walled TV studio. Nor is it a real-life tragedy, such as the horror story known as the Von Erich family, that caused the demise of WCCW. The format of the piece will be to present reasons the company was sold and folded, and my own "expert" (HAHAHA!!!) take on said reasons. Don't worry… unlike Jim "I Hate Wrestling" Rome, I will not repeat my takes 2 or 3 times.

With that in mind, or as Vince's least favorite dancing wrestler Alex Wright might say, "Ein, zwei, drei, fier, let's go!"


Big Bill recently gave an interview to the Daily Oklahoman, the Oklahoma City newspaper, in which he lamented the vulgarity, sleaze, half-naked women, and drugs that had overtaken his beloved sport in the mid-80s. He said that these factors made him want to get out of the business. Revisionist history? I don't know, but anybody who has seen the recent RF Video featuring Watts must scratch his head at what the Cowboy considers "vulgar" language. The man cusses more than Eminem during the interview, for crying out loud!   More...

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