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How come every time someone brings up old "Blood" so to speak, people tend to say how big and tough the new generation is. Well, like music and other types of media, wrestling creates new personas. It's all the same ONLY the names have changed. Music has  AC/DC-Metallica, and Ted Nugent/Kid Rock, and wrestling has Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels, Goldberg/Hogan (well you know what I mean). The moral is, it never changes, it just get renovated periodically. The tough ain't any tougher back then, than they are now. The moves get a little modified, but media coverage is the platform to the Monster. Okay, now to this week's story....

This is funny! Back in the late 80's, my brother Mark and I were over big in Puerto Rico, World Tag Champions on 8-occasions and Caribbean Tag Champs as well. We rented cars on a weekly bases, it was like going to the Malibu GO-CART raceway. The attendant's working, would literally hide from us, because we would bring car's back all mangled, due to the traffic, roads and passengers (the Boys). Mark would never let me drive... I'm used to West Texas country roads and a thrashed pick-up truck. Anyway, we were the RIDE for the babyface talent coming in. This particular week was special we had to pick up "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, whom I grew up watching on Georgia Championship Wrestling on W.T.B.S., and I was excited to meet the man personally though my brothers, Mark and Jay knew him in the Carolinas and Georgia. 

For those of you who don't personally know me, I can be slightly accident prone... it's like a black cloud hangs over me! So, we pull up to the Famed Tanama Hotel (where I lived the first few weeks, STARVING) and Mark runs into the lobby and comes out with the one and only "Wildfire". It was a rainy, humid and muggy day.  As they approach the trunk of the car, I thought it would be wise to get out of the car and shake his hand.  Bad Mistake! The traffic was one-way and narrow to my right side. I open the door abruptly and WHAMO!, a brand new Mercedes rips off my door, throws it ten feet so that it ended up spinning (like a break dancer on his head) In shock, I proceeded to stand and shake Tommy Riches hand. Mark asked me what the @#$%^! was going on.... the lady in the Mercedes gets out and bitches me out, but of course, I don't understand her.

"Wildfire" grabs his athletic tape out of his bag and tapes the door back to the car, but the windows had to stay down the whole trip. We went through the jungle, rain pelting Tommy's face in the back seat, but it didn't seem to wake him at all. I will never forget that Scenario!! Thanks for your time.

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