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 - Greg Klein

- Mid South Wrestling Volume 034 produced 3-31-1983 (perhaps in the garage in Oklahoma) and 4-8-1983 at  the Irish McNeil Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana.

- Announcers are Watts for hour one and Watts and Boyd Pearce (I noticed that's how MSW spells it) for hour two.

- Another soap opera for Mid South fans. Tonight it is the heel turn of masked favorite Mr. Olympia. Some backstory: Olympia had lost a loser leave town match after subbing for Mr. Wrestling II. He left town. When he returned, someone started messing with II's masks. II valued his white mask more than anything, so defacing it was the ultimate insult. One week, II caught Olympia with II's masks in his bag and kneelifted him. Olympia claimed he was innocent. Meanwhile Stagger Lee left town when JYD's suspension was up and vacated the North American title. So a tournament was in order and the storylines would collide.

- 3-31-83

- Watts opens the show, not in Shreveport, but in front of the MSW backdrop and has news to tell the fans. Olympia's sold his soul to try to win the title as we'll see. The tournament took place March 21 in New Orleans, I believe at the Downtown Municiple Auditorium. There were 13 men involved. Five had buys. Watts tells us why: JYD and DiBiase as former champs, Duggan as Louisiana champ (later than I remember that belt), Kamala as the No. 1 contender and Black Ninja (aka Kendo Nagasaki) as the wildcard.

- Mr. Olympia vs. Junkyard Dog. Tournament final. Olympia refuses a handshake and then goes to get his new manager, the hated Skandar Akbar. Watts describes it as the greatest sellout possible, Olympia selling his soul. Olympia, for those who don't know is Alabama's own Jerry Stubbs, and he could both work and talk. He never got a national run (too southern, some would say) but he headlined at times in Alabama and MSW. Only clips are shown, but he works the magic that works with Dog, moving all over, quickly, and making Dog and the action look great. The finish is as odd as possible to lead to a held up title. Dog's winning until the ref bump, but then Ninja interferes and thrust kicks Dog. Olympia puts Dog in the sleeper and the ref returns groggy to count the pin. Only Dog is on his front, not back, as Olympia kindly shows us by lifting Dog up halfway through the pin.

- Interview with Akbar and Olympia, celebrating their "title win". Akbar mentions how surprised he was to get a call from Olympia, but that Olympia was right about Dog. Olympia says he is a man of his word; he left town while Dog became Stagger Lee. Olympia also fesses up to ruining the II masks because he was the most popular masked wrestler in MSW until II showed up. "And everybody shouted II, II, II," he whines, but he was exactly right. II showed up and got over big and Olympia did take a back seat.

- Back to the world according to Watts. He explains all the mechanics of why the pin count is not valid, how the ref never counted to 10 to count JYD out or checked for a submission (i.e. raised Dog's arm three times) and that the title is held up. Oh and the good people of the MSW Board have been nice enough to change the lineup of the next Superdome show so JYD and Olympia can settle things. More on this later.

-  King Kong Bundy vs. Ron Ellis. Bundy wanted Andre. Instead he reinforces his five-count rule and then crushes Ellis to get all five. You would think the refs would learn to just count to five instead of stopping and having to be ordered. But then JYD and Duggan and Dr Death might really have been pinned. This is the only match this week from the Irish. Not sure when that means they taped it.

- Tito Santana vs. Matt Borne. The other first round matches, not shown, are Olympia over Marty Lunde (Arn Anderson), II over Wild Bill Irwin and Butch Reed over the Super Destroyer. All matches from the tournament are clips, taken from video by Greg Solie, Gordon's son. I only mention this because Watts mentions it a dozen times. Weird to see Santana out of WWF. He's absolutely the same guy though. Watts vos the clips and he does more color than match calling, talking about the tournament, West Texas State alums and Borne being in danger in the Rat Pack. In fact, Borne is leaving for Georgia and the arrest that changed wrestling. After a ref bump, Borne tries the bombs away (remember the dreadful 1992 WCW top rope ban? well it was banned here too) but misses and Santana gets an atomic drop, Borne takes the bump off the ropes and then Santana gets a Indian death lock into a leglock bridge for the pin. Good stuff.  More...

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