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 - Greg Klein

- MSW tape 076 produced 11-16-84 and 11-23-84 (I think) at the Irish McNeil Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana.

- Announcers are Jim Ross and Joel Watts for hour one and Bill Watts and Boyd Pierce for hour two.

- Buyer beware: The matches listed on the website are correct for 11-16, but not for 11-23. The hour program that begins with Dale Veasey vs. Tim Horner is on Tape 077 and appears to actually have taken place on 11-30.

- Joel and Jim intro with the "dream match contest." Because matchmaker Grizzly Smith does a good job (whatever his job actually was, figurehead/road agent, I reckon) but the fans can play matchmaker too.

- Magnum TA vs. Ted DiBiase. TA is ending his year-plus run and about to become a sensation for his buddy Dusty. He and Teddy have a good match. Ross utters the phrase I hated the most from pro wrestling announcers, (other than "Tony, we gotta go!") when he says that, "this could be a main event anywhere in country." TA gets the belly to belly but Ted gets a foot on the ropes. Ernie Ladd comes out and taunts TA with the North American title and Ted loads the glove and gets the pin.

- Buddy Landel vs. Butch Reed. Reed "runs out of the building" because he got a call that his brother was injured doing construction. Landel is gloating when Brickhouse Brown shows up to say there's still a Brickhouse around to take the match. This is earlier than I remember Brickhouse in MSW, and it makes me wonder about the fans reactions I described in tape 083. Here Brown is clearly over with the fans although Landel is hated, helping form those reactions. The match is good too. Landel wins with the spinning elbow drop as Brown is just JTTS here and Landel is weeks away from the television title.

- Steve Williams vs. Jim Duggan. Football gear match. Another bait and switch, as DiBiase comes to the ring instead of Doc and challenges Duggan to a non-football gear match. ("You're living in the past Duggan”). Duggan discards his SMU helmet and whips DiBiase and then Doc shows up in full Oklahoma gear. Hercules joins the fight and he and Ted hold Duggan as he takes all sorts of shots from the geared-up Williams. Shawn Michaels shows up and is creamed by Williams. Finally the baby dressing room empties for the save.

- Hercules Hernandez vs. Master G George Wells. This is later than I remember Wells, but he's been abandoned by this point and is only doing jobs. He works better than I remember too although he is awkward in his movements, even when he is moving well. G work hurts his leg and Herc gets a half crab and the ref stops the match although G never submits.

- Rock and Roll Express vs. Thomas Ivy and Jim Horton. Squash city with the double dropkick finish. Express have the titles here, but not for long. And no, Jim Horton did not hear a who.

- Butch Reed interview: Reed's back. See Pee Wee Anderson drove him to the airport, he called home and his folks told him his brother was fine and there had been no accident. He rushed back and realized that Duggan had been punked out and that he had been set up. He promised to be there for Duggan from there on, a big thing in MSW since Duggan and Reed turned in the same season and thus had always been MSW foes. Now they had a common foe in Akbar (each turned face when his partner sold out to Skandar, but about 18 months apart).

- Adrian Street vs. Bill Dundee. I went to Street's Skull Krusher's Wrestling School in 1993 so I have lots I want to say about him, and I'll give him his glory here. He won the title in late September from ladies man Terry Taylor by stunning him with a kiss and rolling him up for the pin, a better executed angle than the Goldust-Razor Ramon WWF version in the 90s. Dundee, who had the book in MSW, but perhaps not here, was a frequent opponent of Street across the southeast. They were the same height and both could work a style different from anything else on southern cards and so it seems like Adrian always had a run in Dundee booked areas.  More...

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