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 - Greg Klein

- Mid South Wrestling, tape 077, produced 11-30-84 and 12-7-84 (we think) at the Irish McNeil Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana.

- Announcers are Jim Ross and Joel Watts for hour one and Bill Watts and Boyd Pierce for hour two.

- Buyer beware: The website matches for tape 077 were off by one week, meaning I got a program I expected on tape 076 and then the first program listed for 077. The program that begins with a DiBiase and Landel interview is not on this tape.

- 11-30-84

- Jim and Joel open with Jim recognizing that Joel at 20, 21 on New Year's Eve, is the youngest announcer in the country. Ok, his stepfather was the owner, but when you consider his age, Joel is not bad and if you throw in the videos he was making, it is amazing. Also more dream match hype.

- Tim Horner vs. Dave Vessey. White Lightning gets a little television glory as the longtime undercard baby gets a win. A very good chain wrestling match that Horner wins with a backflip into a Russian leg sweep. Joel calls it a Russian foot sweep.

- Highlights of 11-23-84 match between Butch Reed and Buddy Landel. Landel is getting creamed when Steve Williams interferes in full Oklahoma football gear.

- Williams vs. Brickhouse Brown. Funny but the crowd likes Brickhouse fine as a undercard guy. They really pop when Landel shows up with a can of paint. Brown tries a flying body press, but Doc catches him and stampedes him for the win. Landel comes in with the paint can. Doc hits Brown with his football helmet for the reverse decision, but Landel can't get the paint can open. The baby dressing room empties for the save. I can't decide if Landel was supposed to get the can open or if the angle happened as planned.

- Reed-Jim Duggan vs. Jack Victory-Dale Burnett. Here it is. The two Hacksaws together for the first time after two years of always being on top on opposite sides. The early result is a quick squash with a spear-shoulder block double pin. Joel calls Victory, Jack Valiant, making the Ross salute look like the SI curse.

- Ernie Ladd vs. Master G. Wow, I never realized in 84, watching back then, but Ladd is just finished. G tries hard to make it look good, but any time there is movement, Ladd can't keep up. He wins with a legdrop.

- Chavo-Hector Guerrero vs. Shaun Michaels-Tony Falk. As odd as young Michaels looks in mid-85, he looks even odder in late 84. Not just younger by a half year, but he looks years younger. This is another very good match. Even in 84, getting no glory, the MS girls love Michaels. Having watched a bunch of his MSW matches now, I think Michaels fans should look for matches across his MS timeline mid 84 to mid 85 against both guys who could work like Hector and Chavo and against the big lugs who needed to be carried. A word of caution: make sure the matches actually happen, as squashes often got disrupted in MSW, and in just the eight tapes I have reviewed, two Michaels matches never happened. Once you get past the mark aspect of him doing all jobs, you see that even in the beginning, Michaels has the angel on his shoulder. He is a hit with the women even when he loses every match, he works great with the veteran workers and he makes guys who aren't good look good. I'm not even a Michaels fans, but there more I watch, the more I see why his fans should want some of these tapes. BTW Faulk does the job here to a double suplex.

- Adrian Street vs. Bill Dundee. MSW Television Title match. Dundee defends his title when Linda accidentally sprays Street with her perfume. Some more fun Adrian facts: He really does design his outfits and his designs worked their way into glam rock and roll. Call me a mark, but Adrian didn't come to North America until 1981, and he used his gimmicks from the early 60s on, so it is reasonable to think he influenced guys like Adam Ant, David Bowie and Gary Glitter in their looks and the positive effect of changing looks regularly. Adrian is an excellent painter. In addition to his school, he and Linda make wrestling gear and are successful with their many businesses. He stresses mat wrestling even today, and I notice on his website ( that the gym is the same and the ropes are still impossible to use as real ropes.  More...

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