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 - Greg Klein

- Mid South Wrestling, tape 080, produced 2-8-85 and 2-15-85 at the Irish McNeil Boy's Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have to say I love the Irish McNeil. I know why studio shows died, but the Irish is part of what I love about wrestling.

- Announcers are Joel Watts and Jim Ross for hour one and Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts for hour two.

- My tape is labeled number 081 so buyer beware. That said, support the Armstrong-Watts' in their tape-selling efforts. I have no stake it in, and I've traded lots of tapes in my life, so I understand, but somehow the idea of the WWE getting these tapes makes me nervous. I'd rather see this venture be successful for the family than see the McMahons own it. But enough of that and onto the matches ...

- 2-8-85

- Brad Armstrong vs. Buddy Landel. Brad just lost the NA title to DiBiase, so this is a rebuilding effort. Landel is great in his role as the mid-card heel who almost always loses but still keeps his heat because he is annoying and always in the middle of things. Landel uses the camel clutch because he is now with Akbar, but Brad gets the win with a sleeper. I don't like the star system; I'll just give general comments on match quality when appropriate. This match was sloppy but fun.

- Highlights from 2-1-85. Kamala vs. Iceman Parsons. Iceman is attempt number 3 or 4 to remake JYD. He's also failure No. 3 or 4. (About a dozen more to come!) Bill Watts supposedly never got why he couldn't remake JYD, but I think I see it. His whole crowd changed in 84 after Bill Dundee sold him on pretty boy babies. If you watch JYD-era MSW, the crowd is half black and the same fans went week after week. Those fans left in mass after JYD sold the missed kneelift for Wrestling II and the rest left when Dog left for the WWF. In 84 and 85 the crowd is visibly (and audibly) young women. 

They wanted Ricky and Terry and Shawn and Kerry, not a new Dog. And the old fans were g-o-n-e, and no matter what new black wrestler got pushed, they were never coming back. Such is wrestling. Anyway here Hercules dressed up as Friday and helped Kamala win.

- Kamala vs. Tim Horner. Horner is jobber HOF in my book and this is a great big squash.

- Highlights of 2-1-85. Terry Taylor-Jim Duggan vs. Williams-DiBiase. I think Landel ended up subbing for Teddy. Either way he did the job after the everyone-interferes finish. Good stuff. Led to the Best Dressed Contest. 

- Iceman Parson-Little Coco-Cowboy Lang vs. Jack Victory-Little Tokyo-Lord Littlebrook. Yuck. Not my thing. I have a couple of little person friends and I wouldn't want to show them this. Joel and Jim say some offensive things in the name of a comedy match and Victory does the job. Ick.

- Shawn Michaels-Jason Walker vs. Hercules-Jake Roberts. Note to Shawn Michaels fans: Don't buy these tapes if you expect to see Shawn win or get much offense. And this match never even takes place as Iceman clears the ring with strap.

- Jim Duggan vs. Steve Williams. I'm a huge Dr. Death fan and this match leads to a classic period in his MSW days. Ross calls the match an "old fashioned slobber knocker" way back in 1985. Duggan "breaks" Williams arm on the turnbuckle metal and then spears him for the win. Joel Watts is at his campy markish best here screaming at the finish, "Duggan got him with a quick spear! Duggan got him and he's the winner!" Written words don't do his call justice. Think David Crockett, but in a funny way. Classic stuff.

- Terry Taylor vs. Hector Guerrero. The older Guerreros heel gimmick in 1985 is a lot like the younger guys face gimmick in 2003.  

I find that odd and disturbing, especially because the Guerreros have historically been great faces. Chavo and Hector had a great run in Houston in the summer of 85 and Chavo was a great mid card baby in the UWF. Here they are rock and Roll foils so when Chavo interferes, so does Ricky and Robert. And the girls scream. Good while it lasted.

- The show ended with a Dirty White Boys video. I think this is a Joel Watts special. I am surprised it didn't make the DWBs faces in some places. In this video they mostly beat up the PYT Express and the new Fabs, all to the sounds of Foreigner.  More...

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