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 - Greg Klein

- Mid South Wrestling tape 083 produced 3-21-85 and 3-29-85 at the Irish McNeil Boy's Club in Shreveport, Louisiana.

- Announcers are Jim Ross and Joel Watts for the first hour and Bill Watts and Boyd Pierce for the second hour. Boyd wears an awfully loud jacket as the ring announcer the first week and the Mid South blue blazer the week he calls the matches. How odd. The rhythm of the rotating announcers is very good. Somehow it feels like the right people call the right matches.

- This is my second mislabeled tape, but both times I got the matches I ordered.

- 3-21-85

- DiBiase interview. Teddy just lost the title to Terry Taylor and boy is he angry. But the interview is cut off by Butch Reed who is wearing a suit and also angry.

- Highlights of 3-14-85 and a post-match brawl between the Dirty White Boys and the Rock and Roll Express. Wild brawl marked by high pitched screams from the fans and the dressing rooms emptying out.

- Josh Stroud vs. The Barbarian. Why was I such a Nord mark? I have no idea. I guess I liked my Bruiser Brody with less working ability and less controversy. Stroud has a jacked up body and does nothing but job. That might have been a political statement by Watts given what is going on on the other side of the wrestling war in 1985. Nord wins, but then gets DQ'd and Reed saves only to have his suit torn off. He has blue trunks on. I find it odd how many wrestlers wore their trunks under their suits. But given the alternative ...

- Shawn Michaels-Private Terry Daniels vs. Ted DiBiase-Steve Williams. As good as a job match can be. DiBiase and Williams had instant chemistry. They had teamed a few times before, and DiBiase leaves for a tour, but you can see their team developing. DiBiase is the one in the angry role today and he destroys Shawn with the powerslam and figure four. Yup, Shawn is below Cobra Core Terry Daniels on the ladder. Funnier than Horner even.

- Terry Taylor vs. Kamala. As usual, the work is good but not great, but the storyline is awesome. Taylor had been the pretty-boy, third or fourth baby, TV champ for two runs in Mid South, but this was his big run as NA champ. To prove he wasn't a fluke champ, Watts fed Taylor big heels, starting with Kamala. Jim Ross and Joel Watts do a great job building up Kamala and playing on Taylor's precarious position as the new champ possibly over his head. Akbar posts Taylor in a moment that makes the new opening montage. Kamala chops away and Terry gushes blood. Then Taylor fights off Akbar, Friday, Kamala and Jake Roberts to pin Kamala. Kamala, almost never pinned on TV, goes nuts and hits Jake, Akbar and Friday, really selling the loss. This is a Mid South classic to me and one of Terry Taylor's best moments.

- Four way elimination tag: Dirty White Boys vs. Rock and Roll Express vs. Jake Roberts-Jack Victory vs. Brad Armstrong-Tom Prichard. Body Pierce is wearing the loudest jacket I have ever seen. (And for Boyd that is saying something.) He does a good job telling the fans the rules. Unfortunately this match ends up a "Tony we gotta go" but not until it goes two segments and is a great main event. All eight men really work hard and the action and psychology is incredible. Len Denton Samoan drops Prichard to eliminate Brad and Tom, leaving four heels against Ricky and Robert. Guess who sells and who gets the hot tag? Double dropkick on Victory leaving the DWB vs. R and R, but that never happens. And the cheat works because we're left dying to see the two teams fight.

- Kerry Von Erich video to Eye of the Tiger. Not bad, but not the best video either with the Hogan knockoff. Ross mentions that Von Erik will be there next week and that they are negotiating to have him wrestle Chris Adams. 

- 3-29-85

- The world according to Bill Watts, part one. Watts explains why the TV title tournament is put off a week and why Chris Adams won't fight Kerry Von Erik. Well, he sort of explains, but We Believe anyway. Jake Roberts comes out to complain abut being seeded 3 in the tournament behind Duggan and American champ Chris Adams. Watts and Jake have great chemistry. Jake mentions that Ric Flair called and "in case you were wondering, yes, I can be bought." Hmmm.  More...

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