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 - Scott Keith

The show that was a big double-bird in the face of Jim Crockett, as Vince decided to screw with the NWA's mind by scheduling a PPV on the same night as Starrcade 87 and force cable companies to choose. As you might surmise, the WWF won that battle fairly handily.

Live from Richfield, Ohio.

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura.

Opening match: Randy Savage, Brutus Beefcake, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts & Hacksaw Duggan v. Honky Tonk Man, Ron Bass, Danny Davis, Harley Race & Hercules Hernandez

This is basically "Honky v. All the Guys That Hate Him", and the WWF managed to pare the list down from 140 to 5 guys. The faces start by wiping the ring with Danny Davis (the evil ex-referee) to start. Steamboat gets caught and does the RAW sell -Acting like he's been in a 20-minute match after only 3 minutes. Duggan and Race, who had the issue at that time, brawl on the floor, a sure sign of a double-countout in elimination matches. Sure enough, both are gone.

Savage kills Bass next, and Beefcake finishes him with a high knee. Beefcake gets his shots in on Honky, but since he's the low man on the face totem pole, Honky gets his token elimination by pinning him with Shake Rattle N' Roll. Honky is of course the chosen target of aggression, after hitting Elizabeth with a guitar (gee, where have I heard that before…) in an act that triggered the formation of the Mega-Powers.

Savage and Roberts take turn handing him his ass. Jake makes a dumb babyface mistake and gets double-teamed by Herc & Honky, however, just so the end result isn't a *totally* foregone conclusion. Davis comes in to mop up, and gets DDT'd and pinned. Remind me not to let Danny Davis be my partner if I ever get into wrestling. Herc & Honk keep up the pressure on Roberts, however, despite that setback. Chinlocks for everyone! Dragon gets the hot tag and goes nuts.

Historic moment: Steamboat hits a flying chop on Herc, and Savage finishes him with the big elbow, and that's the ONLY double-team from Savage & Steamboat I've ever seen and probably the only one that ever happened. Anyway, Savage gleefully plays Schillinger to Honky's Cyril O' Reilly for a few minutes as the three faces pound the champ into oblivion. The crowd is digging it. Finally Honky bails and runs back to the dressing room about 20 minutes in (not sure what the time was before clipping), which was his usual method of retaining the IC title at that point. Team Savage wins by countout. Survivors: Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts. Decent enough opener. **1/2  More...


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