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 - Scott Keith

  Live from Richfield, OH again.

  Your hosts are Jesse Ventura & Gorilla Monsoon.

  Opening match: Demolition, The Bolsheviks, The Brainbusters, the Conquistadors & The Rougeau Brothers v. The Powers of Pain, The Rockers, The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation & The Young Stallions

Fast start, with everyone hitting their stuff at various points. Bret Hart gets the first pin, small packaging Ray Rougeau after taking a beating. A Conquistador tags in and gets killed. Jose Luis Rivera and Miguel Perez looked basically the same so I have no way of distinguishing them. Demolition lays a beatin' on Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Trivia: This is the only time Bret and Shawn ever tagged. Shawn takes a spinebuster from AA for two. Everyone gets a chance to run through their stuff as we get almost every combination of matchup.

The action is literally non-stop until Zukhov reverses a Jim Powers bodypress for the pin about 16 minutes in. The Busters' snobbish avoidance of the rest of their team is pretty funny. Barbarian gets pounded on for a bit in a dull sequence. Jannetty then sunset flips in and gets rid of Boris Zukhov and the Bolsheviks. A Conquistador gets absolutely murdered by the faces, but keeps kicking out. He finally escapes and tags in Tully.

Slow period follows, with Janetty coming in to pick up the pace. Bret with the FIVE MOVES OF DOOM on Tully. German suplex, but then it's that spot I hate where one guy, in this case Tully, lifts his shoulder and gets the pin. The Rockers and Busters then get into a brawl and all get DQ'd. So it's Demos & Conquistadors v. Bulldogs & Powers of Pain. The Conquistadors get tossed around a bunch, but keep kicking out. Bulldogs & Demolition do their thing for a bit, then those poor Conquistadors take MORE punishment. But the face team won't put them away.

It backfires on them as Dynamite misses a headbutt and Smash clotheslines him for the pin. The Powers punish the poor Conquistadors some more, but Warlord misses a charge and gets Demolish-ed. Then just as the Demos have it won, Fuji jumps on the apron and pulls Smash out, "by accident". Smash is counted out, and the Demos are pissed. They turn on Fuji, drawing a face pop, and we're left with Powers of Pain v. Conquistadors. The Powers dust off Fuji and bring him to their corner, then Barbarian polishes off a Conquistador for the win at a whopping 42:18. That's quite the opening match. Survivors: Warlord & Barbarian. Slowed down too much by the end. ***1/2 The POP celebrate with Fuji, and the Demos attack, and the fans are completely confused what to do now. More...


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