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 - Scott Keith

- Dumbest idea ever: This is live from three different locations.

First Stage:

- Live from Uniondale, New York.

- Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Susan Saint James. For those of you who have tuned out the 80s completely, Susan gained fame on a sitcom called "Kate & Allie", although her initial celebrity push came from a show called "MacMillan and Son". She has no connection to wrestling that I know of.

- Opening match: Magnificent Muraco v. Paul Orndorff. Orndorff hasn't turned on the Orange Goblin yet at this point, but he's getting close. Orndorff holds a wristlock for a couple of minutes, but Muraco dumps him over the top to escape and they fight to a double countout. And that's our first DUD of the night...

- Intercontinental title: Randy Savage v. George Steele. Susan recaps the feud in two sentences. "He has this beautiful manager, he treats her like dirt. Animal is in love with her." There ya go. Savage still doesn't have the Memphis heel flushed out of his system yet, so he runs around the ring to escape Steele right away. And runs. And runs. Finally Steele catches him, but Savage runs away again. He brings back a bouquet of flowers and they beat each other up with that. No, really. Savage even sells it. Steele bites open the turnbuckle and rubs stuffing in Savage's face, and Savage sells that too. More running, but Steele gets distracted talking to Liz (and I mean, really, who wouldn't?) and Savage gets the double axehandle and big elbow, but Steele kicks out at two. Savage lures him into the corner and does the Ric Flair pin on him to retain the title. We'll be generous and go -*

- George Welles v. Jake Roberts. Welles is some football player turned wrestler, and not a very good one at that. This is during the Snake's initial heel push in the WWF. Welles is like a bulkier Virgil (or Vince, as the case may be). Welles decimates Roberts with some basic stuff (slams, forearms, a flying headscissors and powerslam) before a ringside chase leads to a Roberts kneelift as Welles comes back in. DDT and it's over. Roberts got no offense before the finish. Welles gets the Damian treatment, of course. *  More...


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