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 - Scott Keith

Live from Atlantic City, New Jersey, just like the year before, original airdate April 2, 1989.

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura.

Opening match: King Haku v. Hercules. Haku was still being semi-pushed and Hercules was in his eternal state of limbo. It goes back and forth for about two minutes and then Herc hits a belly-to-back for the pin. This was severely clipped because I remember it being longer and more boring while watching it live in '89. The clipped version was pretty watchable. **1/2

The Rockers v. Big Bossman & Akeem. Rockers stay out of the way with quick moves until Jannetty gets caught with a bearhug and pounded by the Towers. Michaels gets the hot tag and the Rockers double team Akeem with a double shoulderblock. Akeem catches Michaels with a deadly clothesline that draws "OOooohs". Rockers come back with a double dropkick from the top on Bossman, but Michaels takes another asskicking and gets powerbombed off a rana attempt, then splashed and pinned by Akeem. Fun big v. little match. **

Brutus Beefcake v. Ted DiBiase. Stalling to start, then a slugfest and DiBiase takes over and destroys Beefcake. Beefcake escapes the Million Dollar Dream and comes back, hooking his own sleeper. Virgil baits him out of the ring, DiBiase chases, and we have a double-countout. Standard PrimeTime Wrestling main event. *1/4 Virgil gets beat up after the decision. This really had no place on PPV except to remind everyone that both guys are still around.

The Fabulous Rougeaus v. The Bushwhackers. Case in point, this match. Gorilla and Jesse have a hilarious discussion about which of them was retired first. Rougeaus double-team Luke right off the bat and control for most of the match. Luke does something vaguely resembling selling. Jacques tries to start a "USA" chant but the crowd isn't buying. Rougeaus celebrate after their abdominal-stretch/superkick combo and Butch sneaks in and they do the battering ram and stomach breaker on Jacques for the upset win. 1/4*

Curt Hennig v. The Blue Blazer. This was the debut of the style of tights Hennig still wears to this day. Hennig pulls out the first MAN-SIZED bump, going over the top on a dropkick, then Blazer baseball slides him. Back in and Owen with some more wrestling sequences to keep control. Nasty spot as Owen goes for a Money Shot but lands, unsupported, right on Hennig's knees. Match is clipped to Owen getting a crucifix for two, but Hennig gets the Perfectplex for the win. Good match. ***1/2  More...


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