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 - Tony D. 

Ron Ritchie started wrestling in 1978, and in 1983 he and George Wells (Master G) beat The Sheiks (Roger Kirby and Sheik Abdullah The Great) for The Central States tag team titles in August of 1983. The Sheiks won the titles back later in the month.
Ron Ritchie wrestled Tommy Sharp on April 12, 1984 (the match was shown on TV on April 22) and Kevin Wall said that Ron Ritchie was “right out of a mold of a Harley Race.” Ron Ritchie defeated Tommy Sharp with a splash in a short bout.  

On the episode of All-Star Wrestling that was shown on May 13th (the match took place on May 3rd), the team of Ron Ritchie and Harley Race took on The Central States tag team Champions, “America’s most controversial tag team” The Grapplers. The televised match was joined in progress at the 10 minute mark with Grappler #2 against Ron Ritchie. Kevin Wall said that you have “four of the toughest men in Professional Wrestling” in this match. Grappler #2 with an atomic kneedrop on Ron Ritchie near the corner of the ring that sends Ron Ritchie headfirst into the ring turnbuckle. Grappler #2 with a shoulderbreaker for a two count that is broken up by Harley Race. Grappler #2 puts Ron Ritchie in a bearhug. 

A few weeks after this match, they changed the opening footage for All-Star Wrestling, and they included a few scenes from this match in the show opening, including shots of Grappler #2 having Ritchie in the bearhug.   Harley Race got the tag but Referee Bobby Whitlock didn’t see it and he ordered Harley Race back to his corner. Grappler #2 tags Grappler #1 and Grappler #1 with some punches in the corner on Ron Ritchie. Grappler with a snap mare and he missed an elbowdrop. Ritchie tried in vain to tag in Harley Race. Grappler #1 tags Grappler #2 as he gives Ron Ritchie an Irish Whip. As Ron Ritchie comes off of the ropes, Grappler #2 catches Ron Ritchie with a bearhug. Ron Ritchie broke free with a few punches. 

They both go down and Grappler #2 with a legscissors as Grappler #2 makes the tag. Grappler #1 with forearms and a bodyslam on Ron Ritchie. Grappler #1 tried to get Ron Ritchie in a Boston Crab by Harley Race got into the ring and stopped the Boston Crab attempt with a kneelift. The Grapplers illegally switch while Bobby Whitlock has his attention on Harley Race.   Grappler #2 with a Boston Crab of his own and Harley Race gets in the ring again and hits Grappler #2 with a kneelift. The Referee figures out that the wrong Grappler is in the ring and Grappler #2 holds Ritchie down so Grappler #1 can give Ritchie a kick to the head.  More...

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