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 - Tony D. 

Mike Stone started wrestling in 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  The Montana Cowboys were the team of Mike Stone and Rick Patterson. (The Montana Cowboys were both actually from Canada). They won the Central States Tag Team Titles on November 26, 1987 by defeating the team of Porkchop Cash and Ric McCord in Kansas City, Kansas. The belts were declared vacant in January of 1988 when Stone left the promotion. It was around this time that the Central States area left The NWA and Bob Geigel started The World Wrestling Alliance (Not to be confused with Dick The Bruiser’s WWA Promotion).

After an absence of several months, Mike Stone returned to the Central States area.  Jay French with the ring introduction for this match that was shown on Television on Saturday, August 6, 1988, but I don’t know when the match actually took place.

Jay French: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this opening event of the hour, one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, at 214 pounds, in the green trunks, Rick Robertson. Introducing his opponent, weighing in at 264 pounds, from Mile City, Montana, “The Montana Cowboy” Mike Stone. One fall, ten minute time limit.”

Mike Stone takes off his vest and sunglasses. He’s wearing a t-shirt that says “Destruction Unlimited.” The bell rings and Mike Stone rushes at Rick Robertson and delivers several forearm smashes and he rammed Robertson headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Stone rammed Robertson headfirst into another turnbuckle as well. Stone with a bodyslam and a fistdrop and he goes for a pin and gets a two count, and the match is only a minute old.

Marty Goldstein says that “Mike Stone is an experienced man. He has been around this sport for ten years. He has held titles everywhere he has gone, and he is now wrestling’s self-proclaimed “Top Gun.””

Mike Stone with a slingshot suplex and he goes for the pin and gets a two count, Rick Robertson kicked out. Mike Stone says something about Mike George. The previous week on All Star Wrestling, WWA World Champion Mike George wrestled Robertson in a match and destroyed him. Mike Stone is trying to show up Mike George at Robertson’s expense. Mike Stone with an Irish Whip and an elbowsmash on Robertson. Stone picked up Robertson in a bodyslam position, but Stone turned it into a backbreaker-on-knee. He goes for the pin and gets a two count. Stone picked Robertson up in a bodyslam position again and drops Robertson chest first on Stone’s knee (what I call a “Heartbreaker”). Mike Stone goes for a pin using only one hand, and Stone pulls Robertson up as Sonny Myers makes the one count.

Stone with two headbutts to the small of Robertson’s back. Stone choked Robertson on the ropes. Stone is posing for the fans and he says “I want my strap back” referring to the Central States Tag Team Titles that he held with Rick (Leatherface) Patterson. Jay French said about Stone and Patterson holding the belts “they were stripped some six months ago for not defending it.” Robertson is lying on the mat, and Stone pulls him to his feet by the hair. Stone with a kneelift and a kick and then he rubbed Robertson’s face into the mat. Sonny Myers warned Mike Stone for doing that. Stone with a few slaps to Robertson’s face. Robertson with two punches to Stone’s midsection that had little effect, and Stone with a punch of his own and two elbowdrops. Mike Stone says “Is this the best they have around here?” Stone with a punch and he goes for the pin and only gets a two count.   More...

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