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"Hercules" Ray Hernandez had wrestled just over a year when he entered The Central States area in 1982. He had wrestled in Florida and Texas before he came to the region. His list of opponents in February 1982 included Jerry Valiant, Billy Howard, Larry Dwyer, Gene Lewis (AKA Cousin Luke in The WWF), Jerry Brown and Dewey Robertson (AKA The Missing Link) and Hernandez and Robertson wrestled together as a tag team in February 1982 as well.

In March 1982, Hercules had wrestled with Rufus R. Jones and Bulldog Bob Brown in a six-man tag team match, and he wrestled "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal (not Steve/William Regal of The WWF and WCW) and Eddie Gilbert (before he was "Hot Stuff") among others.

In April 1982, Hercules Hernandez teamed with Gene Lewis and Jerry Brown and wrestled Bob Brown, Mark Romero (AKA Mark Youngblood) and Rufus R. Jones, and he wrestled singles matches against Mark Romero, Art Crews and Ricky Romero among others.

In May, Hercules Hernandez wrestled Rufus R. Jones, Bob Brown, Mark Romero and Steve Regal and on Thursday, May 27, 1982, Hercules Hernandez won the Central States TV Title from Mark Romero. He successfully defended the title against Rufus R. Jones, Mike George, Buzz "Avalanche" Tyler and Manny Fernandez among others. Mark Romero regained the belt on December 13, 1982.

In June of 1982, Hercules Hernandez wrestled several matches against Dewey Robertson. He also wrestled Rufus R. Jones, Mike George, Art Crews and Buzz Tyler. Hercules Hernandez wrestled with Jerry Brown against Mark Romero and Buzz Tyler. Hernandez also wrestled with Roger "Nature Boy" Kirby in a tag team match against Mark Romero and Buzz Tyler. Hercules also wrestled with both Roger Kirby and a masked man known as The SuperFly (it was not Jimmy Snuka under the mask) against Mark Romero and Mike George.  More...

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