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 - Charles Laffere   


"Get on down to the sound and a good rhyme.
With a song that should climb
Yo straight to the top with a bullet on the charts again
Another #1 hit to deal with.
An' I'm playing all the ladies
And I know not a sucker can fade me.
So watch me get buck wild
Yo and just pump the crowd and everybody say.
Ain't no party like an Ice Man party"

Haw haw! I know that VinceKM, who was raised on '80s rap, knows who busted this rhyme

"Now getting back to the track with the bass - uh!
Watch it unfold in your face.
This is something real funky to dance to
Bringing ya more raps to keep the dance floor packed
So get off the bozak."

Paging Alex Wright! Post '89 rule exempted!

"So don't front cuz I know you were an Ice Fan.
So get down with the Ice Man"

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Universal Wrestling Federation section of Kayfabe Memories. My name is Charles Laffere, and I apologize for not presenting the latest installment last week. I hope that VinceKM and you, the loyal readers, can forgive me this egregious transgression. But, like momma says, it be's that way sometime.

"Everybody thought that the Ice was gonna fade out.
But you was wrong cuz I never get played out.
An' that's straight up reality"

Last time we met, we were several bouts into the UWF's Superdome Extravaganza on November 27, 1986. Dating back to 1976, Bill Watts' wrestling promotion held super cards at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Starting in 1980 Mid-South would hold an annual card on or close to Thanksgiving Day. The first UWF Thanksgiving "Superdome Extravaganza" is the one we will look at in this installment. The UWF had more cards at the 'Dome after this, but the show that night was the last truly big draw the company enjoyed at the stadium, with 13,000 in attendance for 13 matches.

"I wanna say what's up to my homies in Miami
An' to Dallas all across the United States.
An' everybody overseas, my man -
All of Europe, Australia and Japan.
No matter where you reside,
The Ice is like world wide"

How appropriate for our next match. Iceman Parsons would be facing the ever-devious Gustavo Mendoza in the evening's fifth contest. Parsons had recently joined the promotion after enjoying a very successful multiyear run in World Class Championship Wrestling. He held the company's top belt, the American Heavyweight Title, for a solid four month stint through the summer and fall of 1985. But the Iceman's greatest success came as WCCW's Television Title holder. Parsons captured the strap four times between 1983 and 1985, tying him for most TV championships with fellow WCCW expatriates Bill Irwin and Chris Adams.
But Iceman Parsons had many memorable moments beside his title reigns in WCCW. In fact, no less than the estimable Max Levy has rightfully dubbed Parsons as the number one non-Von Erich "face" for a significant period of time in the early to mid '80s. Iceman waged battles in classic gimmick matches against Buddy Roberts and Michael Hayes (man, did everybody not named Von Erich eventually wind up in the UWF?) Parsons and Roberts' feud culminated in a hair versus hair match. Buddy won via nefarious means, but was the real loser as Ice applied some Freebird Hair Cream. Buddy sported a wig for subsequent matches and played his Hapless Boobus Role to the hilt. In retaliation, Hayes challenged Parsons to a lights out match and was defeated. Mr. Max covers both of these matches in his WCCW section. Iceman also had great battles as a tag team member with Junkyard Dog and, later, Buck "Rock and Roll" Zumhofe against the Super Destroyers, who were managed by Skandor Akbar, yet another World Class worker who had made the jump to the UWF.  

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