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 - John Baumer

---Opening video.  Tom Peterson's is still the happy place to buy, in case you were worried it had gotten unfriendly. 

    ---Don Coss opens the show surrounded by the Southern Rockers, Bill Prescott, Ginger, and the returning Ricky Santana, who debuted a lot faster than they said he would last week.  Everybody got their chance to cut a promo, basically putting over that tonight was the Rocker's final match before their world tour.  Ginger tries to cut a promo about her hair match later on, but is interrupted by Scotty the Body and Veronica.  Veronica says she can't wrestle because she hurt her hand.  Coss pulls out a contract and says Veronica will face Ginger tonight for the first time ever on T.V.  Scotty takes a look at the contract and gets all mad at Veronica and they leave.  

    ---Match #1: Jeff Warner vs. Al Madril.  Grappler comes to the ring for some reason and cuts a promo about how great he is.  He bumps into Warner on his way to the back and they get into a shoving match.  Warner grabs a chair and chases the Grappler through the crowd.  Warner returns and the match is on.  C.W. Bergstrom is the ref for some reason.  Not sure where Sandy Barr is.  Warner is so bad.  But he was big and had a good look.  WCW picked him up later in the year and he worked there for a while as J.W. Storm.  Warner gets the DQ win when he pulls a foreign object out of Madril's tights.  I guess just having a foreign object is enough to be DQ'd for, even if you don't use it.   

    ---Coss interviews Ginger and her friend Leslie.  Poor Ginger just babbles like always.  She has no idea what to say.  Worst.  Promo.  Ever.  Jonathan Holliday comes out and Ginger slaps him for some reason.  He pushes her down and says "I don't even like girls anyway."  So, of course Steve Doll and Ricky Santana run out and chase Holliday away.  We come back from commercial to find out Ginger is hurt.  She has the worst sling ever on her arm.  Barry Owen says they will have to cancel the women's match.  Santana says that the people paid good money to see Veronica get her haircut, and he will teach Ginger how to beat Veronica with one arm.  Owen says that is okay.  Santana said "Just give me five minutes with her."  I somehow don't think that was the first time that was said about Ginger. 

    ---Match #2: Veronica vs. Ginger in a hair match.  Scotty the Body is locked in the small rat cage to prevent him from interfering.  Coss tells us that we are seeing this because Tom Peterson wanted it on T.V.  Peterson must have hoped everyone would get so bored by this match they would all run down to his store and buy a dishwasher.  Jonathan Holliday comes out, but Ricky Santana fights him to the back.  I've seen some bad catfights before, but this is a cake topper.  Ginger uses brass knucks that Scotty tossed Veronica to KO Veronica and score the win.  The post-match is hilarious.  Ginger cuts like two very small unnoticeable chunks off Veronica's hair.  She even goes so far as to hold a mirror up so Veronica could see that her hair looked exactly the same.  Veronica goes nuts acting like she is bald.  The only thing that has changed about catfights in pro wrestling over the last 12 years is that the women now have fake boobs. 

    ---Coss interviews Santana, Warner, & Ginger.  Santana was outraged over Holliday shoving Ginger earlier.  Holliday and Grappler attack Santana and Warner.  All the wrestlers come out and pull the four men apart.  Santana issues a challenge to Grappler and Holliday to face him and Warner next week.  Barry Owen makes the match. 

    ---Coss introduces rehash of the Southern Rockers/Wrecking Crew double pin from last week 

    ---Match #3: The Southern Rockers (Steve Doll/Rex King) vs. the Wrecking Crew (Grappler/Brian Adams) for the held up PNW tag team title.  Owen put over the Rocker's leaving to go on a world tour during the ring intros.  Some girls from a school in Canby gave the Southern Rockers an award for their work in the Just Say No program.  The Rockers took one last lap around the ring high fiving the fans.  And finally, the match begins.  Finish sees the Grappler accidentally hit Adams with the kendo stick, not once, but twice, allowing Doll to score the pinfall.  Jonathan Holliday attacks the Rockers with his umbrella after the match.  Holliday and Adams deliver the single worst spike piledriver in history to King onto a chair.  Grappler follows up with a knee off the top rope.  Coss puts over how seriously injured King is, even though his head didn't come anywhere near the chair.  More...

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